Dreams: Guardian launch event for
Gilliam's new short film The Wholly Family

Edited by Phil Stubbs.

Terry Gilliam's new short film, The Wholly Family, will be available to download from January 23 2012. It can be viewed through the streaming service Distrify, from Dreams on this webpage, by clicking on the image directly below.

To promote the web launch of the short film, there will be an event at The Guardian's head office in London. The Wholly Family will be screened at the Guardian News & Media offices in London on Monday 23 January, at 7pm. Before the screening, Terry will be interviewed by Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw. Afterwards, members of the audience can put their questions to the director.

The event is now sold out, but The Guardian is inviting people around the world to join a web "liveblog", during which members of the web audience can also pitch questions to Gilliam.

For more details of The Wholly Family, including interviews with director Gilliam and cinematographer Nicola Pecorini, please go to the short film's main page within Dreams.

The Guardian described the short film as follows:

The latest film from former Python and celebrated director Terry Gilliam is The Wholly Family.

A 20-minute short, it's set in Naples and was funded by Italian pasta company Garafalo.

The scene is a crowded street in the heart of Naples, teeming with shops selling elaborate Nativity scenes, beautifully carved Holy Families, grotesque Punchinellos. A tourist couple and their 10 year-old son, Jake, try to push their way through the crowd. While his parents quarrel, Jake lags behind attracted by the carved Punchinellos.

Spellbound by these extraordinary figures, the boy stops at a stall and peering around to see that no one is watching, reaches for one of the Punchinellos. Jake's parents suddenly realise that he is no longer with them. Desperately, they begin to search for him, blaming each other for the mishap. But the child is not there...

And so The Wholly Family begins a dreamlike journey between reality and imagination through the most hidden places and symbols of Naples, a city that Terry Gilliam manages to capture with all of its contradictions, danger and magic.

There are several webpages within The Guardian's own website regarding this event:

Home page for the Terry Gilliam live stream

Details of the event on January 23

Peter Bradshaw's review of The Wholly Family

Fan competition - win tickets to the event on Jan 23

Gilliam has been interviewed by The Guardian early in 2012 in the following three YouTube videos:

Click on the image for more detail

Some stills and behind-the-scenes pics are below. Click on each for more detail.

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