Dreams: Tideland UK DVD Release

Win a fleece jacket from the location shoot!

Plus extracts from DVD commentary by Terry Gilliam and Tony Grisoni

...edited by Phil Stubbs

On January 29, the Tideland DVD will be released in the UK and Eire. On this webpage are extracts from the commentary by Terry Gilliam and screenwriter Tony Grisoni. Also there is an opportunity to win a special Tideland fleece jacket from the location shoot in Canada (competition open to UK and Eire residents only).

The package is issued on two discs with the following extras:
  • Introduction to film by Terry Gilliam
  • 2.0 Stereo and 5.1 Dolby Sound
  • Commentary with Terry Gilliam and Tony Grisoni
  • Interview with Terry Gilliam
  • Getting Gilliam, the making of Tideland, a film by Vincenzo Natali
  • Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
  • Green Screen
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Interview with Jeremy Thomas
  • Q&A with Terry Gilliam and Mitch Cullin at the Hay Festival, 2006
  • Theatrical Trailer
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Win a fleece jacket from the Tideland shoot!

Pictured below-right is a crew fleece from the Tideland shoot in Canada. If you would like to win this item, please fill in the form below. Apologies, this competition is only open to residents of the United Kingdom and Eire. Click on the image for a larger pic. Competition closes Friday 23 February 2007. Many thanks to Revolver, distributors of the Tideland DVD in UK and Eire, for providing this prize. Good Luck!
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Tideland DVD Commentary Extracts

The following extracts are from the commentary track of the UK DVD of Tideland, representing just a few minutes of the full commentary. The voices are director Terry Gilliam and Tony Grisoni, who wrote the screenplay with Gilliam. The result is entertaining, informative and at times light-hearted... in contrast to the often dark happenings on screen. To listen to the full commentary, buy the DVD!

Jennifer Tilly as the mother of Jeliza-Rose

On cutting directly from performing rock-star Jeff Bridges to a close up of Jennifer Tilly coughing...

I think that's my favourite cut in the movie. Thankyou very much ladies and gentlemen, I think you might as well go home now. Because it's all downhill after this. That was everything I've ever wanted to do.

It's the subtlety of that cut which is great!

Jeff has always wanted to be a rock'n'roll star, he's done his own albums, but this was the first chance he really got to play a rock'n'roller in a film, at least for a brief moment. The unfortunate thing was when he arrived to do this, he had damaged his back. We had to brace him up and we were almost not able to do it. He's a pro, he went out there and gave pain to the audience.

I love the way she [Jeliza-Rose] does all of this cooking up of drugs without batting an eyelid.

What I find extraordinary is how so many people can't see beyond the surface of what's going on here... a little girl preparing heroin, they can't see the scene is about relationships between the mother and the father and daughter. and its really very much about the daughter in love with her father.

Totally. It's wonderful she's just a dad's girl. And she gives him so many little looks all the time. She plays cute all the time, of course there's nothing cute about this character or Jodelle at all. One of the great things about the performance is just how unsentimental it is.

That's why we are criticised... we are so used to seeing little girls in dire situations. They are supposed to be weeping and sobbing and tearing their hair out and being dramatic, and I don't think that kids are.

Jeliza-Rose and her father Noah on the bus

On Noah farting on the bus...

This is the first fart, this is where I'm going to turn this film off. I don't want to watch it anymore. Why should I watch a film with farting in it?

I think there's a bit of French blood in you! I think because this was one of the interesting reasons why they didn't want us in Cannes with this film. The French distributor said that you can't have these farts in the film.

[Adopting French accent] We the French people do not like farts, we don't find them funny.

Obviously their food does not produce gas.

Maybe it's only in Cannes that there is no farting.

It was quite extraordinary the reaction to it, they spoke for the entire French nation, I believe. That was the scene I screen tested Jodelle on, and how she got the job because when he doubled over in pain, and when the other little actresses were slightly sympathetic to him, she just cut him dead.

On Bridges and heroin...

We got an ex-junkie in, who is now on methadone, to work with Jeff on what the feeling of a heroin high is. And when Jeff started doing those takes, shooting up, afterwards the guy's mouth was just drooling. He said, "God, that felt so good! Watching Jeff do it, he brought back everything, how it feels. He almost makes me want to go back on the junk!"

It amazing what he does, he's got a whole speech to say as he's jacking up which isn't naturalistic at all. To put the two side by side is amazing.

He's one of the great actors out there and I wish he was appreciated as such...

On the house-painting musical montage...

We needed a lift to change the pace. Something to give a little breather. It's Act 5 we're into here...

At least Act 5... Act 5 Volume 6.

One chance for everyone to let loose. And have some fun.

They were great, the recordings, the massed chorus.

We had to go to the Deep South to get this, and I just love these lyrics. It's almost pagan... Wash Me in the Blood of Jesus. You don't get to hear many hymns like that. That's why it took twenty people to write this particular... I think it's a traditional hymn, isn't it? I haven't actually checked on the disc who wrote it. It's just one of those wonderful things that land on your lap at the right time. Another gift of God.

This white John Lennon Imagine room. This was one of those moments when you are working with a low budget, with a small crew and you can make last minute changes. I was going to shoot the dinner sequence and the room didn't look different enough. It didn't look as if we'd moved to a new level. I said "Let's paint everything white. Furniture and all."

The question is... is Dickens really Dell's son or his brother?

No, you can't... he's her brother!

This battle was going amongst the crew while we were shooting it. They said he's the love child of Noah and Dell...

We put these location sites up at the location and there was Noah's house there. We called it "Noah Vale". The sign said "To Noah Vale". The things you can do when you've got spare time on your hands. because Nicola's taking too long lighting this thing.

Dickens (Brendan Fletcher) in nautical attire

On the scene where Jeliza-Rose swims in the underwater house...

For me it was a chance to create this scene. I thought it would be fantastic to show her imagination... to do an underwater scene. Again, we were saved by having no money. Normally you would spend a long time planning a sequence like this, working out every detail, but all we did is get the set setup one day, got all the crew putting wires on every piece of furniture and window frames... we had wires on the curtains on which we also had fans blowing, and we just came in zooming in with the camera on a crane.

We did several shots of this. It's all shot on 76 frames per second so it's all slowed down, and then later on we did all the green screen work all by just counting rather than working it out. It was as crude as you could have hoped. It was the kind of thing I used to do in the beginning when we had no money.

So suddenly there was this chance to go back and do all of that again. It was great, it was liberating and it works. The most extraordinary thing was when she speaks underwater in the scenes with Mystique inside the house. We had her do her lines, she recorded them and then we played them back at three times speed. And she learned to say it fast. We had her hanging on wires in front of the green screen, all these fans blowing to kick her hair around,
and we are shooting it now at 76 frames. I said, "Just mouth it, don't even try to say it
because I know you can't do it." But she said, "Terry, I can do it." And she did it, and the performance is extraordinary. This child is beyond belief in her talent.

The commentary is copyrighted and is reproduced here with the permission of Revolver.
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