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News and Features on Terry Gilliam's picture, Tideland, released in 2006. Edited by Phil Stubbs.
Tideland Cropped Visual analysis of Tideland's imperfect DVD release... Gilliam advises: do not buy US DVD... Latest news: German and Italian DVD releases have correct ratio
The Joys of Independent Filmmaking Article by Terry Gilliam on the support given to him during the release of Tideland in the US
ASK TERRY Terry Gilliam answers questions from fans, just before the picture's UK release
UK DVD release of Tideland Featuring extracts from Terry Gilliam's and Tony Grisoni's commentary...
US and Canada release details Tideland's release in the USA and Canada, including pictures of Gilliam's NYC stunt
UK Tideland release details Details on special events coinciding with the release of Tideland in the UK
Tideland Release news Following the release of Tideland, including its Fipresci prize at San Sebastian
Mitch Cullin at the premiere Mitch Cullin writes about the premiere of Tideland in Toronto, September 2005
Tideland Chirashi from Japan... [Chirashi 1] [Chirashi 2]

External Sites

EXTERNAL Official Tideland site
EXTERNAL Ken Plume interviews Gilliam (downloadable audio files)
EXTERNAL Jesse Thorn interviews Gilliam for The Sound of Young America (you can download an mp3 file)
EXTERNAL Several minutes of edited footage from Tideland is available from DoP Nicola Pecorini's website. Click on Filmography, then Features, then 1998-2006, then Tideland. Then click "Movie Footage"
EXTERNAL Jeff Bridges's Tideland snaps
DOWNLOAD Mitch Cullin talks to Terry Gilliam at the 2006 Hay Festival
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"Jeliza-Rose is a young child in a very unusual situation - both parents are junkies. When her mother dies, she embarks on a strange journey with her father, Noah, a rock'n roll musician well past his time. Tideland is a story that explores the resilience of a child and how she survives in bizarre circumstances."

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The film features Jeff Bridges, Janet McTeer, Jennifer Tilly and Brendan Fletcher. But the picture is dominated by 10-year-old actress Jodelle Ferland as the lead character Jeliza-Rose.

The pic was shot at the end of 2004 in and around Regina, in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

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