Dreams: Terry Gilliam on YouTube

...edited by Phil Stubbs

Embedded below is a selection of short films stored on the YouTube server - all relating to Terry Gilliam's work.

Terry Gilliam's introduction to Tideland
This introduction was played at the start of many screenings of the film.

Crashing the Daily Show Line
Gilliam turned up outside the Daily Show studio to plug his film Tideland.


Gilliam's Nike Ad
Terry Gilliam directed an advert for Nike for the company's 2002 World Cup campaign.

Quixote footage
Captured in the first few days of the shoot in 2000.
Gilliam and David Letterman
Promoting 12 Monkeys at the end of 1995.
BBC report on Munchausen
Featuring behind-the-scenes footage
Gilliam talks about Brazil
What is Brazil?
Featuring interviews with cast and crew

Further parts available at YouTube.

Time Bandits
Recent interview with Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam, talking about their 1981 pic.

Further parts available at YouTube.

Conrad Poohs and his Dancing Teeth
Python animation
Killer Cars
Python Animation
The Miracle of Flight
A 1974 short made by Gilliam for the TV show Marty Feldman's Comedy Machine.
Gilliam's 1968 film, for TV show Do Not Adjust Your Set.

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