Dreams: Spellbound

Edited by Phil Stubbs


Spellbound: Art and Film was a major exhibition held in London in Spring 1996. There were many contributions from artists and film-makers. Contributors included Peter Greenaway, Damien Hirst, Ridley Scott and Terry Gilliam.

Above is Terry Gilliam's contribution, which is entitled:

The Road to Monkey Heaven is
a: Paved
b: Littered
c: Barricaded
with Good Intentions!

Concealed behind a wall of filing cabinets is a projection of Terry Gilliam's film 12 Monkeys. Visitors can climb ladders to open some of the cabinets, in one of which rings a demented telephone, in another are Gilliam's notebooks and through another the film itself can be glimpsed.

"I've got one idea and always have had. I'm obsessed with bureaucracy and the filing away of things. I love compartments, containers, but I never use them"

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