Dreams: Terry Gilliam in Print #2

Edited by Phil Stubbs

This page contains a list of press, magazine and periodical items regarding Terry Gilliam, dating from the preproduction of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.  Items regarding Terry Gilliam before Munchausen and beyond can be found at Terry Gilliam in Print #1.  This page has been a joint production between Dreams and Hans ten Cate's Monty Python Encyclopaedia, to be found within PythOnline (see Dreams Links).  Please let me know if there are any additions you may have to the list, or if there are any errors in the information below.

Terry Gilliam in Print #2

February 1988 Skoop Op de set van Baron von Munchhausen by M. Derksen  
April 1988 Starburst Early news of Baron Munchausen  
July 1988 Blitz News/Stills of Baron Munchausen  
Autumn 1988 Sight and Sound The mad adventures of Terry Gilliam by David Morgan  
January 26 1989 The Listener Gilliam the Conqueror by G. Fuller  
February 1989 The Face Ian Penman Interview  
February 27 1989 Time People: Betting on the Baron by Howard G. Chua-Eoan p. 84. Small Article on the MB anniversary celebration of Monty Python and the budget of Gilliam's Munchausen Hans
March 13 1989 People Weekly Screen: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Scot Haller p. 15 Hans
March 13 1989 Newsweek Movies: Marvels Upon Marvels by Jack Kroll p. 69. Review of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Hans
March 13 1989 Time Cinema: Lying with a Straight Face by Richard Corliss p. 82. Review of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Hans
March 14 1989 The Village Voice Film: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen by J. Hoberman p. 57 Hans
March 14 1989 The Village Voice Off Screen: Designing Men by Deborah Auld p. 61 Hans
March 20 1989 Us Magazine Movies: The Adventures of Baron Munchausn by Chris Chase p. 63 Hans
March 1989 Soundtrack Interview with Michael Kamen by M. Budinger  
March 1989 American Cinematographer Interview with Giuseppe Rotunno by N. Dentico  
March 1989 American Cinematographer Interview with Dante Ferretti  
March 1989 American Film Earth to Gilliam Production Report  
March 1989 Gentlemen's Quarterly (US) The Awful Adventures of Terry Gilliam  
March 1989 Positif L'empire du fabuleaux by R. Benayoun M. Ciment H. Niogret  
March 1989 Starlog True Facts' About the World's Greatest Lies by Kim Howard Johnson no. 140 pp. 45-48+. Article on Charles McKeown's involvement with Baron Munchausen and Erik the Viking Hans
March 1989 Photoplay The Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Timothy Robins pp. 16-19. A talk with Richard Conway. Hans
March 1989 American Film Earth to Gilliam by Jack Mathews pp. 34-39+. Article on Terry Gilliam and Baron Munchausen. Hans
April 1989 Starlog Terry Gilliams's Marvelous Travels and Campaigns by Kim Howard Johnson no. 141 pp. 37-40+ Hans
April 1989 Theatre Crafts News: Going for Baroque by John Calhoun p. 18. Article on the production of side of Baron Munchausen. Hans
April 1989 Playboy Movies: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Bruce Williamson p. 22. Hans
April 1989 Spin The Edge: Gilliams Island by Graham Fuller pp. 84-85+. Article on Terry Gilliam and Baron Munchausen. Hans
April 1989 Premiere (US) Bye Bye Brazil by Michael Shulan pp. 98-102. Hans
April 1989 Starburst Interview - Release of Baron Munchausen  
May 1989 Cinefantastique Baron Munchausen Special Issue  
? 1989 Cinefex Terry Gilliam special  
? 1989 Revue du C. Las aventures de Baron Munchausen by A. Garel F. Guerif  
May 1991 Premiere (US) Making of The Fisher King  
June 16 1991 Mail on Sunday, You Magazine News of The Fisher King  
Sep/Oct 1991 Film Comment Terry Gilliam's Guilty Pleasures  
October 1991 Starlog Magazine a Terry Gilliam article no. 171. Hans
October 23 1991 Time Out Interview - release of Fisher King  
October 24 1991 The Guardian Interview - release of Fisher King  
October 1991 Revue du C. Entre audace et prudence le plus anglais des americains by F. Chevassu and L. Desanglois  
November 1991 Empire Stop That Movie!  
December 1991 Empire Release of The Fisher King  
January 1992 Sequnces Terry Gilliam ou le triomphe de l'imaginaire postmoderne by C. Mandolini  
January 1994 Empire Development Hell  
March 1994 Starlog Magazine The Fantastic Realist: Terry Gilliam Lives in the Real World. Or Maybe He's Just Imagining That by Kim Howard Johnson no. 200 pp. 44-47 90. Hans
January 1995 Mojo Gilliam talks about identity crisis in 1960's US  
January 1995 Cosmopolitan News of 12 Monkeys and The Crowded Room  
Summer 1995 Scarlet St. Interview with John Neville re Baron Munchausen by Jessie Lilley  
December 1995 Cinescape Making of 12 Monkeys  
January 1996 Ecran Fant Un Python et Douze singes by Luc Lagier Alain Schlockoff and Cathy Karani  
January 1996 American Cinematgrpher 12 Monkeys: a dystopian trip through time by Stephen Pizzello  
January 1996 Sight and Sound David Morgan Interview  
March 1996 Positif Interview by Philippe Rouyer and Hubert Niogret  
April 13 1996 New Musical Express Interview - Release of 12 Monkeys  
April 14 1996 Sunday Times Interview - Release of 12 Monkeys  
April 1996 Starburst Interview - Release of 12 Monkeys  
April 1996 Sight and Sound Interview - Release of 12 Monkeys  
April 1996 New Musical Express Interview/Review, plus 'I was in a Terry Gilliam film'  
May 1996 Empire Interview - Release of 12 Monkeys  
May 1996 SFX Interview - Release of 12 Monkeys  
March 1997 Neon Unmade Gilliam movies  
May 1997 Empire The Empire Awards  
25 January 1998 Sunday Telegraph Machine Dreams (Interview with Gilliam re: Devious Devices) by Penelope Dening Adrian Sturges
April 1997 (?) The Independent Gilliam in conversation with Svankmajer Michael Brooke
3 May 1998 The New York Times (Sunday) Gilliam in conversation with Ralph Steadman: On filming a Gonzo vision  
17 May 1998 The Sunday Times (London) Fear and Loathing at Cannes  
25 May 1998 New Yorker War Games [Gilliam/Fear and Loathing article] by Giles Smith  
May 1998 American Cinematographer Gilliam/Pecorini Interview  
June 1998 US Behind the Scenes: Terry Gilliam by Justine Elias JD Lafrance
June 1998 Movieline Terry does Vegas by Martha Frankel JD Lafrance
June 1998 ICON Gilliam interview  
June 1998 Sight and Sound Chemical Warfare - interview by Bob McCabe  
Sun 13 September 1998 The Independent on Sunday (UK) Nightmare in Disneyland, by Hugh Aldersey-Williams  
October 1998 Focus Magazine (UK) Gilliam Interview by Simon Braund  
November 1998 The Face Depp/Thompson/Gilliam Interview by Chris Heath  
Sat 7 November 1998 The Times Magazine Depp/Thompson/Gilliam Interview by Martyn Palmer  
Sat 14 November 1998 New Musical Express Gilliam Interview by Tommy Udo/Swells  
December 1998 Empire Gilliam Interview by Bob McCabe  
December 1998 Loaded Gilliam Interview by John Perry, Steadman interview by Bill Borrows  
December 1998 Uncut Gilliam Interview by David Bennun  
December 1998 Neon Gilliam Interview by Danny Leigh  
December 1998 Esquire (UK) Gilliam Interview by David Wallis  
Dec 1998/Jan 1999 Issue Flex magazine "Viva Las Vegas" an interview with Terry Gilliam by Bren O'Callaghan deadmanjones
Thursday 18 February 1999 The Guardian "And now for surfing completely different", an IT-related interview by Hamish Mackintosh  
March 1999 The Daily Telegraph Excerpts from Gilliam on Gilliam  
June 1999 Vanity Fair (U.S.) Excerpts from Monty Python Speaks  
9 October 1999 Radio Times Interview with Terry Gilliam  
February 2001 High Life Terry Gilliam talks to British Airways' inflight magazine  
Sun 4 February 2001 Observer Gilliam talks to journalist Sean O'Hagan about Quixote  
23 Feb 2001 Evening Standard Gilliam reviews stage show Shockheaded Peter, running in London Spring 2001  
Fri 27 April 2001 The Guardian Terry Gilliam presents his favourite 10 animated movies of all time  
June 14 2001 Time Out New York Terry Gilliam recalls the making of The Holy Grail  
August 2001 Total Film Interview with Terry Gilliam - he talks about Quixote, Tideland and Good Omens  
September 2001 Empire What remains of the Quixote project?  

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