Dreams: Terry Gilliam in Print #1

Edited by Phil Stubbs, last updated 24 March 1998.

This page contains a list of press, magazine and periodical items regarding Terry Gilliam, up to the preproduction of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

Items regarding Terry Gilliam for Munchausen and beyond can be found at Terry Gilliam in Print #2

This page has been a joint production between Dreams and Hans ten Cate's Monty Python Encyclopaedia, to be found within PythOnline (see Dreams Links).

Please let me know if there are any additions you may have to the list, or if there are any errors in the information below.

Terry Gilliam in Print #1

early 1960s Fang Occidental College's humor magazine to which Terry Gilliam contributed cartoons; he became editor later Hans
mid 1960s HELP! magazine of which Terry Gilliam was Associate Editor during the Hans
1964/1965 HELP! John Cleese makes an appearance in a photo-feature in Help! in Hans
mid 1960's Surftoons Terry Gilliam contributes material to this comic magazine in the Hans
1967 The Londoner Terry Gilliam contributes material as Art Director to this magazine Hans
August 18 1973 The Times Oliver Trimble and the Jelly Hound by Ken Whitmore p. 6 Terry Gilliam provides an illustration for this first prize winner in the adult section of The Times/Jonathan Cape Children's Story Competition Hans
1975 Inter/View vol7 no6 Interview with Terry Gilliam .
April 16 1977 The New York Times Jabberwocky Monster Film with Heart by Vincent Canby p. 14 . Review of Jabberwocky. Hans
May 1 1977 The New York Times A Python Comes to Grips with Lewis Carroll by Leticia Kent p. D15+. Interview with Terry Gilliam. Hans
May 9 1977 The New Yorker The Current Cinema: Jabberwocky by Penelope Gilliatt pp. 124-26. Hans
May 9 1977 Time Cinema: Gilliam the Questionable by Richard Schickel p. 89. Review of Jabberwocky. Hans
May 21 1977 The Nation Films: Jabberwocky by Robert Hatch pp. 633-34 Hans
August 4 1977 Circus Jabberwocky on the Loose by James Delson p. 48. An interview with Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin. Hans
November 9 1981 Newsweek Movies: A Merry Scary Chase by David Ansen p. 92. Review of Time Bandits. Hans
November 9 1981 Time Cinema: Help! by Richard Corliss p. 98. Review of Time Bandits. Hans
November 16 1981 New York Magazine Movies: Time Bandits by David Denby p. 116+ Hans
November 26 1981 Rolling Stone Random Notes; Gilliam Wraps Time Bandits p. 43 Hans
November 15 1981 The Washington Post Terry Gilliam: On the Trail of Time Bandits by Gary Arnold p. K1+ Hans
Nov/Dec 1981 Film Comment Interview with Terry Gilliam .
December 1981 Film Comment Bandit by Anne Thompson pp. 49-54 November - Hans
December 21 1981 People Weekly The Only Yank in Monty Python Stares Down Critics as His Time Bandits Steals $24 Million Jerene Jones p.50+ Hans
January 1982 Starlog Soaring: Time Bandits and Scene Stealers by David Gerrold No. 54 pp. 52-53+ Hans
February 1982 Starlog Time Bandits: A Color Portfolio No. 55 pp. 49-51 Hans
March 1982 Twilight Zone Screen: Time Bandits by Gahan Wilson pp. 10-12 Hans
May 1982 Twilight Zone Terry Gilliam: Finding Comedy on 'the Dark Side of the Coin' by James Verniere pp. 18-23 Hans
February 22 1985 The Times Cinema: A Collision Between Mitty and Kafka by Philip Strick p. 19 Hans
February 1985 Cinema Terry Gilliam parle de Brazil by D. Raboudin .
March 1985 Starlog Hello Brazil by Kim Howard Johnson pp. 54-56 Hans
March 1985 Cahiers Un americain tres britannique by J.-P. Chaillet .
March 1985 Films and Filming Terry Gilliam by B. Howell .
March 1985 Positif Eloge de Terry Gilliam by Michael Palin .
March 1985 Positif Terry Gilliam interview reviews biography etc .
March 1985 Revue du C. On themes plus interview by A. Garel and F. Guerif .
Mar/Apr 1985 Skoop Terry Gilliam interview by H. Schwarz .
April 1985 Monthly Film Bulletin Review of Brazil by J. Pym .
April 1985 New Musical Express Nutty Crunch (Brazil Review and Interview) .
April 1985 Starburst Release of Brazil .
July 1985 SF Movieland Report from the British Scene: Brazil by Bart Mills no. 31 pp. 57-61 Hans
September 1985 American Film The location of Brazil by S. Rushdie .
Sep/Oct 1985 Prevue Terry Gilliam's New Nightmare Comedy Takes Jonathan Pryce and Robert de Niro from Bureaucratic Hell to Brazil by Stewart Vindt no. 61 pp. 52-55 Hans
October 1985 Daily Variety Terry Gilliam places a full-page plea in Daily Variety to the president of Universal's parent company MCA: ""Dear Sid Sheinberg: When are you going to release my film Brazil?"" Hans
December 16 1985 Newsweek In Hollywood the Battle of Brazil Goes On by Cathleen McGuigan p. 82 Hans
December 30 1985 Time Cinema: Happy Ending for a Nightmare by Richard Corliss p. 84 Hans
January 1986 Starlog Bye Bye Brazil? by Kim Howard Johnson no. 102 pp. 46-47 Hans
January 27 1986 New York Magazine Movies: Back to the Future by David Denby pp. 55-56 Hans
February 1986 Stills Just Crazy about Brazil by N. Roddick .
February 10 1986 The New Yorker The Current Cinema: Brazil by Pauline Kael p. 106+ Hans
February 17 1986 People Weekly Screen: Brazil by Peter Travers Hans
March 17 1986 People Weekly With an Eye Out for Trouble Terry Gilliam Does Battle Over Brazil and Wins an Oscar Nod by Jeff Yarbrough pp. 141-43 Hans
April 1986 Starlog Jonathan Pryce: the Boy from Brazil by Adam Pirani pp. 51-54 Hans
April 1986 Sequences Rencontre avec Terry Gilliam by M. Girard and A. Caron .
April 1986 Spin Kicking Ass by Jack Matthews pp. 97-98 Hans
June 1986 Twilight Zone ""Screen: Brazil"" by Gahan Wilson pp. 88-90 Hans
July 1986 Cinefantastique Reviews: A Dark Difficult Nineteen-Eighty-Floor Show by Thomas Doherty p. 46+. Review of Brazil. Hans
August 1986 Video Times Popcorn: Bye Bye Brazil by Gay Russell-Dempsey p. 8 Hans
Summer 1986 Film Quarterly Review of Brazil by F. Glass .
September 1986 Video Magazine Reviews: Brazil by Timothy Onosko p. 104 Hans

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