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October 2003 Dreams news bulletin
  • The Brothers Grimm continues shooting in Prague
  • New Peter Ackroyd-based project linked to Gilliam
  • Lost in La Mancha news
  • Gilliam's Quixote dream still alive
  • Gilliam retrospectives
  • The making of The Brothers Grimm
  • Brazil magazine covers The Brothers Grimm
  • Gilliam DVD releases
  • Other News
  • Recent Interviews and Links

January 2003 Dreams news bulletin
  • Gilliam's future looks Grimm
  • Other projects linked to Gilliam in 2002
  • Gilliam to appear in Albert Dupontel film
  • Lost in La Mancha to open US 31 January
  • Time Bandits sequel "not dead, just stalled"
  • Gilliam supports new French Brazil magazine
  • Gilliam feted at LACMA event
  • DVD roundup - Time Bandits & Fear and Loathing
  • Gilliam performs at George Harrison tribute

April 2002 Dreams news bulletin
  • Good Omens money proves elusive
  • Author Mitch Cullin speaks about Gilliam and Tideland
  • Gilliam to exec-produce forthcoming Brothers Quay feature
  • Behind-the-scenes pictures from Gilliam's World Cup Nike ad
  • Good Omens put on hold
  • Lost in La Mancha premieres in Berlin
  • Lost in La Mancha directors speak to Dreams
  • Farewell to Spike Milligan and Barry Took

January 2002 Dreams news bulletin
  • Gilliam shoots large-scale advert for sportswear manufacturer
  • Gilliam silent yet optimistic on Good Omens project
  • Quixote documentary set to premiere at Berlin 2002
  • Gilliam and Jones accept special award at EuroFilm Awards
  • Farewell, George Harrison
  • New Jabberwocky and Holy Grail Special Edition DVDs released
  • More information on stalled Quixote project
  • Vision Award - Gilliam's acceptance speech
  • New Gilliam interviews on Web

July 2001 Dreams news bulletin
  • Momentum builds on Good Omens
  • Tideland project announced at Cannes
  • Gilliam completes Cannes jury duty
  • Gilliam joins 2001 Cannes jury
  • Gilliam gives more detail on Quixote problems
  • Holy Grail and Jabberwocky spruced up
  • Gilliam receives plaudits in LA
  • Terry Gilliam's top 10 animated films
  • Timothy McVeigh and the Brazil connection

April 2001 Dreams news bulletin
  • Gilliam concentrates on Good Omens as Quixote is postponed
  • Gilliam works on Edward Gorey theatre project with the Tiger Lillies
  • Quixote - Gilliam speaks out
  • Gilliam joins 2001 Cannes jury
  • Brazil: First Draft book published, but with major misprint
  • Win a free copy of Brazil: The First Draft
  • Dreams interview with editor of Brazil book: Bob McCabe
  • World awaits new Jabberwocky DVD pack
  • Dreams and Parental Control

December 2000 Dreams news bulletin
  • Quixote "will happen again"
  • The Men Who Shot the Man Who Shot The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
  • The Quixote Shoot - Autumn 2000
  • The Monasterio de Piedra
  • The Good Omens deal becomes firmer
  • Gilliam judges Sci-Fi script competition
  • Gilliam supports new Messiah Pictures venture
  • Miscellaneous News
  • New Links

October 2000 Dreams news bulletin
  • Quixote Shoot Underway
  • Gilliam confirms Good Omens is to follow Quixote
  • Gilliam honoured at Sitges Film Festival
  • Charles Alverson reports from revolution in Belgrade
  • PocketEssentials Competition Results
  • Join the Dreams MessageBoard...

June 2000 Dreams news bulletin
  • Gilliam celebrates Quixote funding at Cannes
  • Gilliam defends UK lottery funding for Quixote
  • Quixote pre-production well underway
  • Gilliam directs US ad for Micron pc
  • John Ashbrook’s Pocketessential Terry Gilliam to be published in July
  • Brazil first draft book publication delayed until next year
  • Gilliam features in new movie compendium
  • AFI documentary appears on DVD

February 2000 Dreams news bulletin
  • Popcorn announces Quixote deal
  • Good Omens - latest
  • First Draft of Brazil to be published
  • Brazil First Draft co-author speaks to Dreams<
  • Gilliam and Roger Pratt talk about their working relationship
  • Actor Peter Jeffrey dies
  • Gilliam gives Belfast masterclass
  • Dreams News Miscellany... BFI... Gilliam hoaxed... German book... Cusack Books... Film 99... Book Winner

November 1999 Dreams news bulletin
  • The Man Who Killed Don Quixote - more casting news
  • Terry Gilliam plays major role in Python Night
  • Peter Sissons chairs historic interview of Pythons
  • Gilliam selects his favourite Python episode for BBC season
  • South Park creators kidnap Gilliam’s mother
  • Gilliam attends Life of Brian charity screening
  • Bob McCabe speaks to Dreams about Dark Knights and Holy Fools
  • Win a copy of Dark Knights and Holy Fools
  • Gilliam biography out in 2000, by John Ashbrook
  • Gilliam pens introduction to new Python selection
  • Monty Python Speaks hits the UK
  • A Fisher King play tours UK theatres
  • The night Terry Gilliam came to town
  • Gilliam talks about his childhood cinema favourites
  • Dreams features in Entertainment Weekly

September 1999 bulletin 15
  • New Gilliam animations for Python Night
  • Python Night - Preview
  • The Man Who Killed Don Quixote - a Progress Report
  • Gilliam visits the States to Plug Dark Knights and Holy Fools
  • Dark Knights and Holy Fools reveals new unresolved Gilliam projects
  • Gilliam tv appearances
  • Terry Gilliam’s Favourite Villains
  • Signed Copies of Gilliam on Gilliam and Dark Knights and Holy Fools available from Manchester Waterstones
  • Dreams on television

June 1999 bulletin 14
  • Gilliam turns to Don Quixote project
  • Dark Knights and Holy Fools - new Gilliam book published in June
  • Criterion to release Brazil Special Edition on DVD
  • Pythons return for 30th anniversary special on BBC2
  • Farewell, Oliver Reed
  • Gilliam turns down bfi/IMAX film opportunity
  • Gilliam visits Manchester to plug Gilliam on Gilliam - pictures
  • Four Dreams readers win signed copies of Gilliam on Gilliam
  • Download a shareware game "influenced by" Brazil
  • Introducing 27B-6
  • Miscellaneous Dreams News

March 1999 bulletin 13
  • Gilliam on Gilliam finally published
  • Other Gilliam book news
  • Fear and Loathing UK box office
  • Gilliam's travels
  • Python Reunion - latest
  • Gormenghast goes into production
  • DVD campaign and BBC digital ad
  • Gilliam on Time Travel

October 1998 bulletin 12
  • Gilliam speaks about life after Fear and Loathing...
  • Gilliam visits Edinburgh International Film Festival to Launch Fear and Loathing in the UK
  • Book launched at Gilliam retrospective at San Sebastián
  • Gilliam honoured by Greek Government
  • Gilliam to visit Minnesota and NYC
  • Grim Reaper collects Mortality CD-ROM
  • Python Latest
  • Devices hits the North
  • BFI to publish Brazil Modern Classic

July 1998 bulletin 11
  • Fear and Loathing makes waves at Cannes
  • Fear and Loathing released in the US
  • ABC bans Fear and Loathing trailers
  • Gilliam in conflict with WGA regarding Fear and Loathing screenplay credit
  • Gilliam vs Thompson feud?
  • Jack Mathews speaks to Dreams about updated Battle of Brazil book
  • Gilliam festivals update
  • New Links

May 1998 bulletin 10
  • Fear and Loathing In Competition at Cannes
  • Fear and Loathing's Soundtrack
  • Gilliam's relationship with Johnny Depp
  • Fear and Loathing test screening
  • Gilliam appears at LA SF and Comic Book Convention
  • Gilliam in Conversation with Ralph Steadman
  • Devious Devices - press release
  • New Gilliam Book
  • Python Q&A
  • Farewell to PythOnline?
  • The Defective Detective

March 1998 bulletin 9
  • Gilliam puts on automata exhibition: Devious Devices
  • Fear and Loathing release date announced
  • Fear and Loathing at Universal website
  • Gilliam to join other Pythons for live shows?
  • Gilliam gains cash and shares for disposal of CFC
  • The Eyes Have It

January 1998 bulletin 8
  • Terry Gilliam talks to Dreams
  • Fear and Loathing attracts fascinating cast
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ready for Cannes?
  • The Defective Detective Latest...
  • Gilliam lithographs for sale
  • Further Python reunion at Aspen in 1998
  • Farewell, Frank Muir

November 1997 bulletin 7
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • The Terry Gilliam Files by David Morgan
  • Brazil Script - Now Online
  • Gilliam newsgroup
  • Alex Cox on Brazil...

August 1997 bulletin 6
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • The Battle of Brazil to be Reissued!!!
  • Gilliam's poster for 1991's London Film Festival

July 1997 bulletin 5
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • Python Reunion in Buckinghamshire... Latest Report
  • Meaning of Life CD-ROM
  • Film Finances Link
  • Farewell, Don Henderson

May 1997 bulletin 4
  • Gilliam Vegas bound???
  • Python Reunion Movie... Rumours persist
  • Empire Awards
  • Animations of Mortality on CD-ROM
  • New book dedicated to Gilliam

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