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Gilliam Vegas bound???
Mid April, it was announced that Terry Gilliam was to direct Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The project was troubled recently when scriptwriter Alex Cox, who was to direct, quit the movie. Down to star is Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro. Variety reported on April 28 that Thompson expects that that the road movie will go before the cameras in July, despite Cox dropping out and Gilliam taking over, as well as a scramble to come up with funds for an increased budget.

Gilliam was to serve on the Cannes jury in May, but has had to cancel this task due to the new movie.

In March it had been rumoured that Gilliam was 'firmly attached' to Manhattan Ghost Story, possibly starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, based on the novel by T.M. Wright. Gilliam says that he liked the first two-thirds of the script, but that the last part of the script was not as good and therefore he would not direct.

Gilliam is still keen to direct his pet project The Defective Detective with Nicolas Cage. Gilliam is apparently planning to start this movie in Spring 1998, but it is not clear yet whether the movie has a green light.

Python Reunion Movie... Rumours persist
Many rumours are circulating about a possible new Python movie. Press reports around the world suggest that Gilliam is to direct the movie based around a political/environmental theme. However, the Pythons sent out the following press release:

"In response to this largely invented piece in the Daily Express today, the Pythons wish to tell their fans the following.

Eric Idle has been talking to some of the other Pythons about the possibility of another film. While there's some enthusiasm, there are a number of difficulties to be discussed, not least how they would all get together to work on it! When Eric discussed it with John, they agreed that it might be best if they could all get round a table in London in May to see how everyone felt.

Eric's idea is not topical, or nor is it anything to do with the environment, nor has any decision been taken about a director."

Empire Awards
Terry Gilliam appeared at the Empire movie awards on March 5 1997 - he accepted an award for Best Director for 12 Monkeys. He said "This is a surprise. I came here for another award and I got this thing." Later that evening he said, "I was genuinely surprised... This says something about the Empire readership, that they lack good taste."

The other award was the annual Empire Inspiration award which was awarded to the Monty Python troupe. Gilliam accepted this alongside Terry Jones and Michael Palin.

Animations of Mortality on CD-ROM
Look out for a CD-ROM based on Terry Gilliam's 1970s Animations of Mortality book, which has been in preparation for over a year now. If you see it in the shops, let me know!

New book dedicated to Gilliam
I've recently tracked down a book that was published recently in France - Le Petit Livre de Terry Gilliam. The books boasts plenty of wonderful stills and sketches, but will bring headaches if your French is, like mine, somewhat rusty.

For more information, see the Gilliam Books page.

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