Dreams: March 1998 News Bulletin

Edited by Phil Stubbs. Release 9. Last updated 24 March 1998.

Gilliam puts on automata exhibition: Devious Devices
During post-production of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Terry Gilliam has found time to put on an exhibition of automata. It is running until June 4 at Croydon Clocktower, and then goes to Wolverhampton and Manchester. For more details, here's a link to a Dreams page featuring an interview about Devious Devices. In the interview, Gilliam talks about the background of this exhibition and his love for automata.

Fear and Loathing release date announced
At the time of writing, Gilliam is furiously busy at the Fear and Loathing office in London completing the post-production of the movie. A release date of May 22 has been announced in the U.S... but a British release date is not yet available.

Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing

Fear and Loathing at Universal website
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas has now gained a mention at the Universal website. An official website site dedicated to the movie is surely in the works. Here's the link: Universal Pictures site

Gilliam to join other Pythons for live shows?
It was announced in early March that Terry Gilliam and the other four surviving Pythons would be getting together for a series of live shows around the world. These would take place Autumn 1999, where there is a gap in each of the Pythons' diaries.

The five Pythons managed to get together in Aspen following an appearance by them all on Saturday 7 March at the Aspen Comedy Festival. They took part in a Q&A session on stage which lasted about 2 hours - it was filmed and has been edited and broadcast by HBO in the States as a one hour show. The five Pythons appeared on stage with an urn supposedly containing the ashes of Graham Chapman. Terry Gilliam accidentally kicked over the urn during the course of the show, causing its contents to be spilled over the stage.

The six Pythons reunited in Aspen in March (pictured in PythOnline...)

John Cleese spoke to BBC Radio 4's Today programme on 9 March 1998...

"One of the reasons we decided to do this little thing for HBO up in Aspen was that it actually gave us a chance to get together to discuss some other matters. What we found this time was that there was a lot of enthusiasm for the idea of doing something next year, because it is after all our 30th anniversary. Everyone seemed to think that doing the stage show or at least a new version of the stage show would be a lot of fun. So we're going to pursue those possibilities, but I guess we would certainly do it in London and New York. How long it would be and whether we go to other cities we'll just have to figure out over the next few months.

"The problem is it's the fans who want the old stuff and we're the ones who like to introduce something a little bit new. This may seem surprising, but I can assure you this is the case. It's a question of striking a balance between our desire to do a show that's new in quite a few ways and the fans' desire to see the dear old golden oldies trotted out yet one more time. We'll have to see whether we can still do it at our age. I guess energy's going to be the main problem.

"It'll probably be timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary. I think the first show went out back in 1969 at the beginning of October so we'll probably do September/October/ November - that sort of period, but as I say the details are simply not worked out at all. We've only just reached a decision that we would love to do something together and it felt like fun and it felt appropriate. I confidently expect this to be a fairly resounding failure."

Gilliam gains cash and shares for disposal of CFC
Lord Saatchi's Megalomedia group has acquired Computer Film Holdings, owner of the Computer Film Company, in a cash-and-paper deal worth up to 8.6m. Among CFC's shareholders are Sir Tim Bell, former advisor to Mrs Thatcher, who could get 436,000, and Terry Gilliam, who will receive 1.2m if profit targets are hit. CFC pioneered the first proprietary system for digitally manipulating film images, and has won two technical Oscars. It has worked on 90 films including Mission: Impossible and The Nutty Professor.

The Eyes Have It
A new site has been launched, dedicated to the missing eyeball sequence from Brazil. A similar sequence may yet appear in The Defective Detective... let's wait and see.

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