Dreams News Bulletin 14: June 1999

Edited by Phil Stubbs

New Gilliam book published this summer - see below

Stop Press - Gilliam to appear in London on 29 July and at the Edinburgh Festival on 28 August

Terry Gilliam is to appear at 5:00pm on Thursday 29 July 1999 at London's CinemaStore - address to be posted here when available.

Also, Terry will be at the 1999 Edinburgh Festival. He will be at The Post Office Theatre, Edinburgh at 8:00pm on Saturday 28 August 1999. Tickets cost £7 (£5 concs), and are available by calling (0)131 624 5050. He will be in conversation with Bob McCabe.

These events have been organised to coincide with the publication of Dark Knights and Holy Fools, a book about Gilliam written by Bob McCabe. For more info on the book, see below.

Terry Gilliam visited NYC in June with Bob McCabe to plug the new book. He attended an event at the uptown Guggenheim museum on 8 June, did many interviews, and a booksigning at the Rizzoli Bookstore on 10 June. More details on these events will appear soon at Dreams.

In Dreams news bulletin 14...

  • Gilliam turns to Don Quixote project
  • Dark Knights and Holy Fools - new Gilliam book published in June
  • Criterion to release Brazil Special Edition on DVD
  • Pythons return for 30th anniversary special on BBC2
  • Farewell, Oliver Reed
  • Gilliam turns down bfi/IMAX film opportunity
  • Gilliam visits Manchester to plug Gilliam on Gilliam - pictures
  • Four Dreams readers win signed copies of Gilliam on Gilliam
  • Download a shareware game "influenced by" Brazil
  • Introducing 27B-6
  • Miscellaneous Dreams News

Gilliam turns to Don Quixote project
Terry Gilliam has announced that he has prioritised his Don Quixote project as his likely next movie. He has been writing with Fear and Loathing co-scriptwriter Tony Grisoni to mould the Cervantes novel into an intriguing sounding project - The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.

Gilliam has mentioned that he has Johnny Depp in mind as a modern-day advertising executive who travels back in time. It has been rumoured that French veteran actor Jean Rochefort may also be involved in the project, presumably as the Knight of the Sad Countenance. Gilliam spent a week in Spain looking for locations in April.

For further information, and Stop Press news on this project, consult the Don Quixote page.

Dark Knights and Holy Fools - new Gilliam book published in June
Following on from the publication in March of faber's Gilliam on Gilliam, a further book dedicated to Terry Gilliam, written by Bob McCabe will be in bookstores in the States probably from the end of June. UK publication will follow later in the Summer. The book's full title is Dark Knights and Holy Fools: The Art and Films of Terry Gilliam. Below is the cover of the book, together with an alternative book cover that was rejected.

Book Cover

Rejected Book Cover

Monty Python Speaks, by David Morgan, mentioned in the last issue of this bulletin, is featured in the June US edition of Vanity Fair (but not the UK edition). Here is the cover of the UK publication of the book, due in Autumn 1999.

Further news is still awaited on the bfi modern classic book on Brazil

Criterion to release Brazil Special Edition on DVD
The Criterion company have announced that they are to release a special edition of Brazil onto a Region 1 DVD. Criterion has previously released a special edition of Brazil on LaserDisc, which contained 10 sides of material to satisfy even the most obsessed Brazil nuts. The DVD, which according to Criterion, will contain ALL of the LaserDisc extras, is released on 29 June 1999, at a price of $59-95.

Pythons return for 30th anniversary special on BBC2
It has been announced that on 16 October 1999, the members of Monty Python will reunite for a special four-hour show to be shown on BBC2. The four hours will focus on celebrating the groupís history, and the fact that at the end of this year, the group will be 30 years old.

According to John Cleese, "In the middle of October, BBC2 have given us four hours just to be as silly and as naughty and as ill-mannered as we used to be," said Cleese. "So it's going to be quite fun setting up those four hours and I hope it will show that we haven't grown up at all." Further, Cleese regretted the fact that it is impossible to get all of the Pythons together at the same time.

Back in 1998 at the end of a Python reunion in Aspen, the comedy group announced that they would be doing a tour to celebrate their 30th anniversary. However, John Cleese recounts how a tour was never organised

"At lunch time the next day, I heard that Terry Gilliam had breakfast with Michael Palin and Terry Jones, and said that he wasn't very keen on doing it which he hadn't said at the meeting. Then Terry Jones felt that we shouldn't do it without Terry Gilliam, and then we hired some people to put the tour together and they didn't do a good job. Then Michael said he wasn't really in favour of doing a long tour in any case, so we started thinking of doing the show in Vegas, and then Michael decided he didn't really want to do Vegas, so we thought, how about New York? Terry Jones and I thought it was a terrific idea and then Eric didn't want to do that. So that's how it works with us."

Farewell, Oliver Reed
Dreams was very saddened to hear of the death of Oliver Reed at the start of May. He gave one of the best performances in any Gilliam film, that of Vulcan in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

According to Reed, "Munchausen was about the only time I've been allowed to do what I want with a part. You can be over-directed by people, but Terry let me have my own way. There was a scene we rehearsed on Saturday where we really hit our stride. When we resumed, Terry said on the Sunday, 'You seemed to be having much more fun with the character yesterday. Could you take it a bit further?' I didn't need to be told twice! Once I realised I could get away with it, off I went!"

Uma Thurman as Venus, and Oliver Reed as Vulcan, in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Gilliam turns down bfi/IMAX film opportunity
A new IMAX cinema opened in central London on 1 May - the new screen is apparently as high as five London buses. The British Film Institute commissioned a new short film, directed by Terry Jones and starring John Cleese. It starts with a big black screen, and a life size Cleese walks on (taking up a very small portion of the screen space). Jones revealed to television presenter Jonathan Ross on BBC1ís Film 99 movie show that the organisers had asked Terry Gilliam first, but he was too busy with other projects.

Gilliam visits Manchester to plug Gilliam on Gilliam - pictures
On 9 March, Terry Gilliam made an appearance in Manchester in an event organised by Waterstones and faber and faber. Gilliam was interviewed by Ian Christie, editor of Gilliam on Gilliam, before taking questions from the audience. Gilliam spoke frankly about his work on The Man Who Killed Don Quixote and generously signed hundreds of items brought by fans from the North of England.

Pictures of the event are to be added here in a few daysí time.

Four Dreams readers win signed copies of Gilliam on Gilliam
In the last issue of this news bulletin, there was a competition to win one of four copies of Gilliam on Gilliam signed by Ian Christie and Terry Gilliam. The question wasÖ

Which actor was to play The King of The Moon in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen before the moon sequence was reduced in scale?

Of the many entries, most gave the correct answer - Sean Connery, who was of course offered the role of The King of The Moon before the sequence was reduced in scale. Michael Palin was offered the role after it was reduced in scale, as was Robin Williams, who eventually played the character in question. Marlon Brando was courted to play Vulcan, but that role in the end went to Oliver Reed.

The four winners, each of whom have now received their signed books, are:

  • Fernando Fratantoni, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Alan George, from Carbondale, Illinois, USA
  • Andrew Wong, from London, UK
  • Jorden Wray Goodspeed, from Northridge, California, USA

Download a shareware game "influenced by" Brazil
Garrett Gilchrist, creator of excellent Python website PythoNET, has (with help from a few others) created his very own computer game influenced by Brazil. It is suitable for Windows 95/98. To download the game, click on the image directly below this text, which will take you to Garrett's site. Dreams recommends this non-profit making shareware game, but has not yet achieved completion of the first screen.

Introducing 27B-6
Iím happy to introduce 27B-6 (if you havenít heard of them already). They are a band named after an infamous piece of paperwork from Brazil.

Based out of Martin, north west Tennessee, the band covers a fairly wide variety of genres: AfroCuban funk, rock, blues, soul, etc. Influences are derived from the work of the following artists: Paul Simon, Primus, CSN, Toto, Sly and the Family Stone, Al DiMeola, John Coltrane, Bela Fleck, Miles Davis, Hendrix, SRV, and Tito Puente.

Their new album mijumaanja has just been released, and bassist Micah Barnes was kind enough to send Dreams a copy. Such gifts are always gratefully received.

Miscellaneous Dreams News
Here are a few snippets of news about Dreams

  • Dave Cowen's excellent Brazil FAQ will be featured within Dreams over the next few months. Dave is writing a new version before it will be incorporated.
  • From July, Dreams will be based in Edinburgh. Editor Phil Stubbs is moving to the Scottish capital at the end of June.
  • Dreams now features a page dedicated to German band Propaganda, who formed in the mid eighties, and who are to release a new album in 1999. To visit this new site, still under construction, see: The Dreams Propaganda site.

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Phil Stubbs, Edinburgh, July 1999.

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