Dreams: Terry Gilliam Interviews and Appearances

Edited by Phil Stubbs

The aim of this page is to give an exhaustive list of Gilliam's appearances on radio and television.  This list is a joint venture between Dreams and Hans ten Cate's Monty Python Encyclopaedia, to be found within PythOnline (see Dreams Links).  Please let me know if there are any additions you may have to the list, or if there are any errors in the information below.

Gilliam's TV work - as contributor/creator

Date Title TV Station Description Source
Friday, August 2 1968 We Have Ways Of Making You Laugh LWT Frank Muir-led Friday evening show featuring Gilliam as resident cartoonist  
1969 Do Not Adjust Your Set Thames TV Children's series starring Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin - animations by Terry Gilliam  
1969-1974 Monty Python's Flying Circus BBC1 Ground-breaking comedy series with Gilliam as writer, animator and actor.  
1971/1972 The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine ATV Comedy show with bog-eyed comedian - see the Animations of Mortality book for Gilliam-directed opening titles.  
1972 Advert for British Gas   Terry Gilliam's animated television advertisement for the then state-owned British Gas Board - see Animations of Mortality for stills from the ad.  
1985 Cloudbusting Video   Terry Gilliam works on Kate Bush's Cloudbusting video but does not in the end direct.  
1989 Advert for Orangina   TV advertisement for this orange drink was directed by Terry Gilliam and shown only in France Hans
Jan 1995 The Last Machine BBC2 5-parter dedicated to early cinema presented and narrated by Terry Gilliam in a variety of guises  
1995 Advert for Nike   Gilliam directs Nike advert  
1999 Advert for micron pc   Gilliam directs advert for micron pc  

Gilliam's TV Appearances - as guest/interviewee

Date Title TV Station Description Source
1973 Afterschool Special - William ABC (an introduction to William Shakespeare - title sequence by Terry Gilliam) Hans
1974 The DIY Film Animation Show BBC1 Programme 3: Table Top and Cut-Out Animation guest: Terry Gilliam) Hans
April 1976 To Tell The Truth NBC Terry Gilliam appears as a contestant on this perennial game show. Hans
January 28 1977 Midnight Special NBC hosted by Helen Reddy a fourth anniversary show with Eric Idle Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam. Hans
February 3 1982 Late Night with David Letterman NBC Terry Gilliam is one of the guests promoting Time Bandits. Hans
March 24 1986 The 58th Annual Academy Awards ABC Oscars ceremony - Brazil was nominated for two Oscars.  
March 24 1986 Wogan BBC1 Guests include Terry Gilliam Hans
Sat April 2 1988 The Battle of Brazil BBC2 Short documentary on the making of Brazil narrated by Ian Holm featuring interviews with Gilliam  
October 9 1988 The Media Show Channel 4 Gilliam and others comment on how Brazil ideas have been ripped off by advertising folk  
Fri Nov 11 1988 The Last Resort with Jonathan Ross Channel 4 Gilliam appears with clip of (unfinished) Munchausen  
February 28 1989 Late Night with David Letterman NBC Guests include Terry Gilliam promoting Baron Munchausen. Hans
March 1989 Beyond the Screen Cinemax the making of Baron Munchausen. Includes comments by Terry Gilliam and Eric Idle. Hans
March 8 1989 Crook and Chase TNN includes Terry Gilliam talking about Baron Munchausen with film and behind the scenes clips Hans
March 8 1989 Showbiz Today CNN includes Terry Gilliam talking about The Adventures of Baron Munchausen with film clips. Hans
March 10 1989 Good Morning America ABC Terry Gilliam is interviewed about Baron Munchausen. Hans
March 12 1989 Entertainment Tonight syndicated includes a look at The Adventures of Baron Munchausen with Terry Gilliam and Eric Idle. Hans
Mon April 13 1989 Wogan BBC1 TG interviewed about Baron Munchausen and Monty Python  
Mon April 13 1989 Film ’89 BBC1 TG interviewed about making of Munchausen wearing Watchmen smiley badge  
Mon April 13 1989 Hot Air and Fantasy BBC1 Short documentary about the making of Baron Munchausen featuring extensive interviews/clips  
Tue April 14 1989 Open Air BBC1 Gilliam takes phone-in questions in yet another attempt to publicise Munchausen  
Autumn 1989 Around the World in Eighty Days BBC1 Gilliam (and Terry Jones) give Michael Palin a send off  
Fri October 28 1989 Saturday Night at the Movies (?) ITV Terry Gilliam appears at the Bristol Animation Festival  
Autumn 1989 Parrot Sketch Not Included BBC1 Sketch compilation introduced by Steve Martin ending with shot of six Pythons together, to celebrate 20th anniversary  
Autumn 1990 Omnibus BBC1 Interviews with Python members including interview of Gilliam snapping Bronzino painting.  
Early 1991 Naked Hollywood Channel 4 Documentary on filming of The Fisher King how producers have ‘tamed’ Gilliam.  
Sun October 6 1991 The South Bank Show ITV Arts show this week dedicated to Gilliam. Michael Palin accuses Gilliam of selling out.  
Thu October 31 1991 What’s News? Granada TV Gilliam interviewed in Manchester  
Mon November 2 1991 Film ’91 BBC1 Feature on The Fisher King  
Jan 1992 Talking Pictures BBC2 Gilliam raves about Delicatessen  
Jan 1994? The Late Show with Danny Baker BBC1 Gilliam is guest but depressingly has no project to plug  
Late 1994? Omnibus BBC1 Dedicated to Tarantino - Gilliam reveals assistance he gave young Quentin at Sundance festival  
1995 Omnibus BBC1 Arts show dedicated this time to Philip K. Dick - fan Terry Gilliam appears Faisal Qureshi
November 27 1995 Close Up BBC2 Gilliam reveals favourite movie moment  
December 1995 David Letterman NBC Gilliam appears on the show to plug 12 Monkeys - as featured in The Hamster Factor  
March 1996 Talking Pictures BBC2 BBC2’s serious movie show dissects 12 Monkeys including clips of Vertigo and La Jetee  
Mon April 15 1996 Film '96 BBC1 Item/interviews re: 12 Monkeys  
Thu April 18 1996 The Big Breakfast Channel 4 Gilliam directs part of anarchic breakfast show and is interviewed by Gillian Taylforth (Eastenders' Kathy Mitchell)  
Fri April 19 1996 The Big Breakfast Channel 4 Amy and Holly Gilliam’s home movie re: UK premiere of 12 Monkeys  
Sat April 20 1996 Loose Ends BBC Radio 4 Gilliam talks about 12 Monkeys with Ned Sherrin  
Autumn 1996 Equinox Channel 4 Science show - re: attacks on science. Gilliam interviewed about 12 Monkeys and fear of modern science  
Mon 11 May 1998 Charlie Rose PBS Interview with Terry Gilliam and Johnny Depp  
Tue 19 May 1998 Film 98 at Cannes BBC 1 Gilliam interviewed at Cannes Film Festival by Barry Norman  
Sat 30 May 1998 The Sci-Fi Files Channel 4 Gilliam interviewed in Science Fiction documentary  
Tue 25 August 1998 Edinburgh Nights BBC2 Gilliam interviewed by 50s throwback Mark Lamarr following the UK premiere of Fear and Loathing  
Wed 26 August 1998   SCOT FM Gilliam radio interview  
Thu 22 October 1998 (and other dates) BBC Digital BBC1 Gilliam features in short film about the benefits of Digital tv  
Thu 22 October 1998 Simon Mayo BBC Radio 1 Gilliam appears in Mayo's sycophantic God of the Week slot  
Thu 22 October 1998 Watchdog BBC 1 Gilliam rages against DVD region restrictions  
Fri 30 October 1998 TFI Friday Channel 4 Gilliam talks to Chris Evans Sharon & Hang
Tue 3 November 1998 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Channel 4 Gilliam and Tod Davies interviewed about Fear and Loathing writing credit.  
Sat 7 November 1998 Talking Pictures BBC Radio 4 Alex Cox and Tony Grisoni interviewed about their roles in making Fear and Loathing  
Sat 21 November 1998 Steve Wright BBC Radio 2 Gilliam talks to Steve Wright  
Sat 28 November 1998 Live at the Lighthouse, with Stephen Fry Channel 4 Gilliam and other celebrities take phone pledges to raise money for HIV awareness/care charity  
Sun 29 November 1998 Movie Call BBC World Service Gilliam interviewed live on worldwide radio show  
Wed 30 December 1998 What's eating Johnny Depp? Channel 4 Gilliam praises Johnny Depp in documentary supporting C4's Depp season of films.  
Mon 1 March 1999 Start the Week BBC Radio 4 Jeremy Paxman speaks with Terry Gilliam and Michael Moore.  
Tue 23 March The Directors BBC Radio 2 Profile of Gilliam by Mark Kermode.  
6 September 1999 The Big Breakfast Channel 4 Gilliam is a guest deadmanjones
13 September 1999 Ruby BBC2 Ruby Wax chats with Terry Gilliam and Eddie Izzard  
Tues 5 October 1999 Python Documentary BBC Radio 2 Gilliam interviewed in radio doc presented by Griff Rhys Jones  
Weds 6 October 1999 Illuminations Sky Premier Gilliam interviewed about early cinema favourites Miles
Saturday 9 October 1999 Python Night BBC2 Monty Python get together for evening of interviews, documentaries and new material  
14 November 1999 Behind the Camera BBC2 Gilliam pays tribute to Roger Pratt  
7 December 1999 FM Talk Radio, NYC FM Talk Radio, NYC Terry Gilliam is guest Nick Woythaler
Friday 21 January 2000 Trigger Happy TV Channel 4 Hoaxer Dom Joly interviews Gilliam as false fisticuffs takes place behind  
May 2000 Newsnight BBC2 Gilliam talks about opportunities of digital filmmaking from Cannes  
May 2000 Sky News Sky News Gilliam talks to Tania Bryer about Quixote from a yacht at Cannes  
31 May 2000 Dominic Diamond BBC Choice Gilliam is interviewed by Dominic Diamond dmj
28 June 2000 Omnibus BBC1 Gilliam talks about Nick Park and Chicken Run  
18 Nov & 2 Dec  2000 Watching BBC2 Terry Gilliam contributes to this series of essays, talking about the difference between the big and small screens, plus fighting on film.  
28 June  2001 Film2001 BBC2 Terry Gilliam talks about his view of animation  
Tues 3 July 2001 On the Ropes BBC Radio 4 Terry Gilliam talks to John Humphries about the collapse of his Quixote movie.  
6 July 2001   KCRW TG talks to Elvis Mitchell on California-based radio channel KCRW  

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