Dreams: Images from Terry Gilliam's
The Brothers Grimm

The following stills from the forthcoming The Brothers Grimm - a new film from Terry Gilliam - have been released. The photographer on set was Francois Duhamel. Click on each to reveal the larger image.

And below is the poster for the film.

For more within Dreams on The Brothers Grimm, including designs from Guy Dyas's sketchbook, an exclusive interview with Gilliam during the London postproduction and a set report during shooting in Prague, and more - click on the following link:

Dreams coverage on The Brothers Grimm

Lena Headey as Angelika
Evil Queen (Monica Bellucci)
with Jake (Heath Ledger)
Monica Bellucci and Mirror
Monica Bellucci as Queen
Jonathan Pryce as
The Brothers Grimm with
pal (Mackenzie Crook)
Damon, Ledger and Gilliam
looking away from
Will Grimm - played
by Matt Damon
Peter Stormare as Cavaldi
Pic features Lena Headey
(warning: might be a spoiler)
Brothers Grimm Jake (Heath Ledger) and Will (Matt Damon)
The brothers again, ready
for a fight
Will Grimm with victim of queen
Evil Queen - played by Monica Bellucci
Will and Queen embrace
Evil Queen in her tower
UK Poster

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