SOUL (2020)
Went to see the limited theatrical release of the Disney/PIXAR 2020 production, SOUL today.

 I believe the film went straight to streaming during the covid nightmare.

This thought provoking, captivating beautifully nuanced and textured cgi film is my favourite PIXAR film yet.

Compelling on a human, philosophical level it also features sequences of cosmic wonder that are bold, original and cinematically transcendent.

It wasn’t until about half an hour into my walk home that I realised just how this marvellous work had elevated and recalibrated my mood and thoughts on a deep subconscious level and to what extent my psyche was constricted by the burdens of
the dark carnival of 2024. 

I was also thrilled by the lovely Gilliamesque touches/homages in the film which served as a very timely reminder of the profound impact and inspirational influence Terry has had on artists growing up in the twentieth century and beyond. 

An amazing reminder of the power of cinema.
I've only seen this one on streaming and it's the kind of film I'm reluctant to watch again for fear of feeling it's not as good as I remember. Anyway graphically it's probably the most daring Pixar films they've done. Not only for the otherwordly imagery but also for the real world designs, apparently influenced a lot by New Yorker cartoonists.

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