Next Goal Wins
Went to see this today. It is in many ways a strangely old fashioned feel good tale of underdogs overcoming the odds and finding each other & themselves in the catharsis.

On a cold gray day in the dismal state of Northern Ireland the sun drenched Pacific island on which it is set was a welcome exotic escape

The film has a (somewhat erratic) whimsical charm and a unique flavour situated in an eccentric culture and it customs.

It’s a light film with aspects that occasionally seem a little forced but the characterisations are well and economically drawn with some appealing perfomances.

It’s modesty and desire to unpretentiously please seemed fresh in the current hyperbolic & contentious state of contemporary cinema.

Does it bode well for director Taika Waititi reboot of Time Bandits.

I just don’t know.

His most satisfying work in a while, it did seem sincere and actually made by human beings with some interesting narrative touches and directorial flourishes.

He also gives himself a very Pythonian cameo.

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