The Adventures of Baron Munchausen: Criterion Collection!!
It's here!! AT LAST!! Terry's BIGGEST and most EPIC production that drove the cast and crew insane and went over $20 million over budget! The Adventures of Baron Munchausen is getting the Criterion treatment on January 3rd 2023!!  Smile

The features include:

  • Audio commentary featuring Gilliam and his co-screenwriter, Charles McKeown
  • Documentary on the making of the film
  • New video essay by critic and filmmaker David Cairns about the history of the Baron Munchausen character
  • Behind-the-scenes footage of the film’s special effects, narrated by Gilliam
  • Deleted scenes with commentary by Gilliam
  • Storyboards for unfilmed scenes, narrated by Gilliam and McKeown
  • Original marketing materials including a trailer and electronic-press-kit featurettes, as well as preview cards and advertising proposals read by Gilliam
  • Miracle of Flight (1974), an animated short film by Gilliam
  • Episode of The South Bank Show from 1991 on Gilliam

[Image: 1y4Hs6RmszXfZ2kWpm94G2WcBMmyez_large.jpg]

This is a brilliantly imaginative fantasy film, with a brilliant cast led by John Neville, with some good humour and some truly epic sets designed by Dante Ferretti. It's a one of a kind fantasy that's truly impossible to forget!  Smile
Thanks for the update, Donald. I remember seeing this on release in the cinema and being absolutely stunned by it. The production may have been wretched and took a heavier toll on several participants than we previously imagined but the images and textures are ravishing and some sequences are heady, cinematic gold. Neville is magnetic in a beautifully nuanced, multifaceted performance. So many elements are fantastic and despite the damage inflicted by the behind the scenes turmoil, this grand episode stands as perhaps the finest expression of the triumph of fantasy over reality. This looks a lovely edition. Will be great to have a good version of the South Bank Show episode.
My copy came yesterday, and it's a lovely set! Big Grin

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