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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: Arrow Video Blu-Ray!!
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was the best film of 1998, it's already had one exemplary DVD by Criterion, but for the UK, Arrow Video have put together a new set for release on November 25th, with new and exclusive features!!

The features include a new commentary by Terry Gilliam, moderated by Dreams' very own Phil Stubbs, a new interview with Nicola Pecorini, and For No Good Reason, a documentary about illustrator Ralph Steadman!!

[Image: ba874fce-ade4-40e2-a387-40398b231573.jpg]


Need I say more? Big Grin
Hi I finally managed to upgrade to the Arrow Blu Ray. Another Gilliam film I never got the opportunity to see on the big screen. The transfer is a dramatic improvement over the other DVD versions Ive seen. Deep, deep blacks and the neon lit horrors pop like never before.

The film has been critically picked over a lot over the years I’ll just commend the amplified crazed vivaciousness of the new presentation especially when accompanied by Mr P. Stubbs convivial and pointed hosting of the revelatory commentary with a clearly enthused Terry.


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