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Terry Gilliam in Barcelona for a career retrospective
Terry Gilliam: ‘The world at the moment is beyond satire’
In another interview for the same event, when asked about a possible future project, he says he's been re-reading 3 novels of Philip K. Dick, including Ubik "but everything will depend on the financing" : https://www.ara.cat/cultura/terry-gillia...80394.html
Interesting to say the least... Let's hope we'll have more news soon(ish).

Also here is a thread (in spanish) recalling bits of the masterclass with Gilliam and his editor Teresa Font : https://twitter.com/fernandopolanco/stat...8284381184
Another transcription of the press event is even more clearer by stating that "although he has some projects on his head (adapting a novel by Philip K. Dick, one of his favorite writers), the filmmaker and authentic film orchestra man, continues to focus on his Don Quixote."
Good luck to him.

I feel he and his colleagues should be very proud of Quixote.

Personally, it was one of the most orginal and surprising films I’ve seen for a long

It’ struck me as self aware in a startling way: never distracting or camp.

I’m still processing my reaction and will no doubt revisit it a lot but It felt like it was something genuinely new and exciting in cinema that was enriched not only by the directors’s rich perspective on the nature (and consequences) of storytelling but (not too sound too solem) life in general.

Actually the conference in Barcelona has been recorded fully and can be watched here :
The part about Philip K. Dick is at the 25th minute. He doesn't sound so affirmative about an actual project though.
He also says he has something brewing for Netflix, that might be more advanced.
I really hope that the Netflix project is The Defective Detective (either as a film or a miniseries).
When he talked about Josh Brolin in Avengers, I immediately thought he was eyeing him as his Detective...
(03-23-2019, 05:01 PM)cclark Wrote: I really hope that the Netflix project is The Defective Detective (either as a film or a miniseries).

Fingers and toes crossed!!!
I wonder if the Philip K Dick project is an episode of Electric Dreams?

I would love to see The Defective Detective get picked up by Netflix or similar though.
Concerning the bit about Philip K. Dick, actually I'm not sure there's anything behind it other than Gilliam has re-read some of his novels (apparently to find inspiration). In his american interviews of the last weeks, he says that he's dreaming of finding a screenplay ready to shoot so maybe his next film would be something we never envision, a screenplay sitting in a producer's drawer...

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