Trond's classic Brazil site is back from the grave
While looking for interesting links to populate the sidebar of the Terry Gilliam Reddit site (, I was able to resurrect the classic Brazil fan site (created and maintained by Trond Frittz) by using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Check it out here:

I also tried to download an earlier version of the old PC Brazil Game that was housed on the now defunct site, but no such luck. Not that it matters though (I have a Mac).

I'd take care of going to those external links without using the Wayback Machine, or going to later versions of the sites as they became quite dodgy over time.

Also, I took the liberty of making a PDF of the 1983 draft of the screenplay from the Trond site and posted it to Now it's in multiple formats:

Unrelated to the Trond Brazil site, somebody created a 27b/6 form:
That 27B/6 form should include a tickable box option asking "Has it fixed itself? [ ] Yes [ ] No". Big Grin

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