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Terry's birth horoscope
This may look like an incredibly foolish thing to be interested in, but I may have the excuse that this may be just for purposes of entertainment, that there's one or two interviews with Terry where he's saying that he's not an atheist but still a protestant with some far-eastern sprituality leanings, and many of his films are fantasy.

Anyways, I've used a Swiss website to calculate Terry's birth horoscope (the result is attached to the bottom of this post as a JPG file). It's not a horoscope that will tell you what's gonna happen at a certain time (I've never been much interested in those), it's a horoscope about one's basic personality traits.

It's also not a horoscope that's been specifically written for and tailored to Terry as a celebrity. Basically, you just type in a name for the horoscope, birth place, and birth time, and then the website will calculate the star sign, sun sign, etc., and where each planet was at the time of birth from the POV of the birth place. You can change the birth place and birth time to see how the sign and the planets gradually change, and if you type in the same data, you'll always get the same results, so the algorithm is not bogus but legit at least on the astronomical part. Next, you look up on different parts of the site what every single factor of the calculated horoscope means in a highly modular fashion, such as Jupiter in the 8th house or Mercury in the 3rd.

Besides Terry, I've also run the horoscopes for every single Beatle, Stanley Kubrick, Sigmund Freud, Theodor W. Adorno, Franz Kafka, Richard Wagner, Martin Heidegger, German director Alexander Kluge, and one notorious Adolf H. Kubrick's was especially tricky because a.) it's hard to find his exact birth time, b.) the Swiss site only had the geodata for New York as something like Manhattan but not the Bronx, so I had to download a separate app, *AND* c.) New York was locally observing daylights savings time in 1928, unlike most of the rest of the USA.

Anyways, I've translated for you guys what Terry's horoscope is saying.

First off, I was surprised that Terry's sun sign is not actually passionate fire sign sagittarius (as can be expected in late November and with his bubbly, optimistic passion and biting humor that easily render him the life of any party) but scorpio, an emotionally sensitive, spiritual water sign.

Since I've found over time that the more individual stuff comes with most of the other factors, I'll only briefly break down the features of scorpio for you: Scorpios seek the deeper, spiritual meanings in life, they are intrigued whenever something seems hidden, obscured from plain sight, or mysterious and they just *GOTTA* find out about it, they have strong emotions and generally distrust people, they will do everything with 100% power, emotion, conviction, perseverance, and determination or they won't do it at all and they have incredible energy reserves when pursuing their obsessions, they have an uncanny ability to tell what kind of person somebody is (and they can be very vocal about it, to the point of rudeness), they have an incredibly good memory for how somebody has treated them before, and they have a tendency for dramatic language and behavior where everything is about life and death for them. If they fail at one of their ambitious projects, they will emotionally suffer more about it than others, feeling depressed and worthless, etc.

Now, on to the more detailled fun stuff. I've added my own comments in rectangular brackets.

Terry's rising sign is virgo. A person's rising sign relates to their outward appearance to others. Virgos are picky, skeptical, rational perfectionists that pay attention to details. Quote the website:

Quote:Virgo as a rising sign is a rational person that's quick and good at telling the useless from the useful things. Beware of becoming petty! Virgo as a rising sign is goal-oriented, and once they've quickly realized that something doesn't do the job, they throw it aside. You use practical reason on how to get things done, precise, witty observation and insightfulness in order to silence inner nagging self-doubts and control a given situation.

You want practical results in everything you do. You enjoy gathering enormous amounts of useful knowledge, work hard, and want to be useful. You're skillful at practical manual, hands on activities. Watch your tendecies for being too petty and impatient with others if they're not as skilled as you are!

Conflicting or opposing stars in the 1st house may tremendously change or supplement the above. [See below within my quotes from this website] The position of the sign's ruler is similarly important. The ruler of virgo is Mercury.

Terry's Mercury is in the 3rd house. The 3rd house stands for motor skills as well as one's style of language and language as a tool of learning and communication. Quick excursion to the position of Mercury in Terry's horoscope:

Quote:Mercury in the 3rd house indicates high intellectual capacities, a quick wit, and a flexible and analytical mind. You have many different hobbies and interests, a gift for language and wordplay, and are endlessly curious.

Mercury is right at home in the 3rd house. The areas of communication and learning represented by the 3rd house are the perfect field for Mercury's influence. You like to exchange thoughts and theories with others, you thirst for knowledge, and you just can't understand people who can't value your plethora of ideas. Probably you tend to talk a lot in a highly excited manner that may wear out quieter types. You are characterized by a kind of mental unrest, which you yourself perceive as more of a pleasant liveliness.

In serious debates, when making diffcult decisions, or when you're trying to sell something to somebody, you tend to gather and present a huge pile of facts and information, which may more often than not lead to endless talks going nowhere because there is often more than one way of looking at things.

Your basic mode of operation is to analyze your immediate surroundings by means of language, by playfully experimenting with things, situations, and people. It makes you feel alive and trains your thought muscle.

Back to the qualities of Terry's rising sign virgo:

Quote:Partnership and friendships: Virgo as a rising sign tends to be cautious and scrutinizing when it comes to choosing a friend or partner. They rarely initiate the contact themselves. However, their sense for reliability and agreeability makes them popular and sought-after as friends and partners. As friends and lovers, they're good-natured, intelligent, and attentive listeners.

Occupation: At work, virgo as a rising sign indicates accuracy, thoroughfulness, realism, and love for detail. Their work activity is less about ego and more about doing things right, and in the workplace, they prefer to be the eminence grise hovering in the background. Their talent for thorough analysis of structures, relations, and contexts makes them effective organizers.

Their sense for duty and responsibility at work is strong, and they will have to be careful of not becoming impatient with others. Overall, their talents will be at good use in administrative jobs, as bank clerks, or book-keepers, because they are good at planning and working with discipline, and generally all jobs requiring dexterity, accuracy, and precise determination, as well as instructional tasks.

Childhood: Children with virgo as a rising sign always wonder what the things in their environment can be used for and what will happen when interacting with things and people, where they pay close attention to the results. Their nature will be more that of a quiet and reasonable child, but never underestimate them! They observe and understand many things in close detail early on.

The child may be much more interested in gadgets and how they work than having a story read to them. They want to know what makes things tick and how they work. They may appear overly serious, so teach them that they also need to have fun and play, and teach them to be tolerant of people less skilled than they are.

Next is how Terry's sun sign of scorpio and his rising sign of virgo influence each other.

Quote:Virgo's rationality meets with scorpio's profound, spiritual feelings. This combination makes for a true perfectionist.

You are precise and goal-oriented in your work, but there's an air of brooding analysis about you that is held at bay by your strong work discipline. You know about your own energy and determination and you can be bitingly sarcastic about people less energetic and determined in their work as you.

Never will one observe you being superficial and your analytical mind leads you to absolute precision in your activities.

One's sun sign-rising sign combination is strongly influenced by the house position of the sun at one's birth.

Terry's sun is in the 3rd house. I kid you not who they're giving as an example for that below! He even has an identical rising sign and position of Mercury to Terry's.

Quote:Your sun (will to express yourself) in scorpio (strong spiritual emotions and energies) is in the 3rd house (communication and learning).

This constellation usually gives for rather eccentric, slightly bizarre characters whose thoughts and words can be surprisingly succinct. They tend to question everything and despise people who are superficial and/or phoney, even if they may be secretely jealous of other people's carelessness. Many of them have a biting, sarcastic sense of humor and they often intuitively guess and reveal things about somebody that may embarass the person in question, by which they tend to antagonize some people.

All that may make people see them as 'difficult', even if their talents are widely acknowledged. Many people with the sun in the 3rd house have an enormously broad knowledge, and one particular topic of interest where their level is close to encyclopedic. Their judgment can be strict and lead them to strict measures. Once their favorite topic comes up, they can't stop talking. All in all, they are exceptional, eccentric people.

An example for sun in the 3rd house is John Cleese (b. 27 October 1939, 3:15am, Weston-Super-Mare, GB).

Cleese is a British comedian, actor, and scriptwriter that rose to fame as a member of the comedy troupe Monty Python. His scorpio sun in the 3rd house is in square with Pluto and in opposition with Saturn and Moon; that alone indicates enormous intelligence already. Mercury, ruler of his rising sign virgo, is in square with Lilith and Mars as well as in opposition with Uranus, which makes for the mind of a sarcastic pundit. As Venus is in conjunction to Jupiter, his style of language is vivid and entertaining, appealing and comprehensive also to people less intelligent than he is.

Overall, Cleese never had a choice to become anything but a sharp satirist, enabling him to express the full spectrum of his IC/MC axis from saggitarius to gemini, since the ruler of the 10th house is in the 3rd, which equals a career made of words. And with Jupiter as the ruler of the 4th house in the 7th, he's a true humanist.

Next is the moon sign. The moon sign stands for one's internal feelings and one's internal self-image, how you see yourself. Terry's moon is in leo.

Quote:Moon in leo makes you proud and hungry for life, the life of the party, and gives you an optimistic view of life.

Leo moon wants to have all eyes on them and they want to be noticed, which may lead you more often than not to put on an entertaining, flashy, and witty act to entertain people and make them admire you. At the same time, you like to be seen as profound and competent, and you intend to make the world a better place by your inspiring leadership.

People with their moon in leo are generous and easily excitable, they have a great talent for showmanship, but also a strong ego. Since they require a lot of attention and admiration, they tend to stick with people they can please and impress. They are open and friendly, often wearing their heart on their sleeve. They are charming and their social skills makes people recognize and respect them. They like kids and parties, but they have a tendency to be preachy and often can't handle criticism.

When relaxed, people with leo moon are full of lust for life and optimism, arduously working at making things better, more efficient, and more beautiful. Their personality is generous, studious, and they're great at winning people's favors. Leo moon needs to be busy, which is why they love working and are able of rising high in their career. Their cordiality is sincere and comes from the heart, their love is strong, as leaders they will ferociously fight for their people and subordinates, and they're loyal to their partner, even if they may have a thing for superficial flirting with everybody.

Under unwanted, harmful stress, negative sides of leo moon can become apparent. They are easily bored and unsatisfied, have a tendency for overt luxury, and their need for admiration can rise enough to become a problem. Their pride is easily hurt, prompting them to become cranky and arrogant towards who has disrespected them, and harsh criticism may sometimes even make them overestimate their own strengths and even value their own weaknesses as admirable. If a person with leo moon is met with little respect, they can become stubborn, pompuous, and unsatisfiablly glutonous for admiration. People with leo moon can experience a life crisis in their 20s when they realize they haven't really grown up yet and expect everything to come easy to them.

Friendships and partnership: People with leo moon want to feel irresistable and may more often than not demand absolute devotion from their partner. If their pride is hurt or their efforts are not valued, they can become patronizing or sarcastic towards their partner. When they're frustrated, they can become either arrogant or feel worthless. Pride is their weakness, and they have to learn that modesty can be a virtue.

Your views on life are generally optimistic. It's your greatest joy to move in a circle of people who feel sympathy and admiration for you. Cheerful and funny, you take joy in to entertaining them, even if you sometimes go too far in your jokes. In spite of that, you may take not too kindly to jokes at your own expense. Beware of your pride! You tend to think too highly of yourself. Your susceptibility to flattery can be dangerous to you, as you can be tricked into follies easily if told of your greatness.

Men with leo moon enjoy being admired and their passions are easily roused, even if they know well that their partner at home is more important than having a superficial flirt become serious. So while they are sensuous and vain people, they will ultimately remain loyal to their partner for as long as their relationship is still intact.

Personality: People with leo moon were truly loved and welcomed by their parents early on, where they may become the center of all their parents's hopes and wishes. Their parents always knew their child would grow up to be an extraordinary and significant person. The only thing that could change that attitude of their parents is if their child was the greatest of disappointments and seriously messed up.

Leo moon is characterized by a tremendous lust for life. Flatter them, and their vanity becomes apparent. They are endlessly generous for as long as you're acknowledging their importance, regarding criticism as nothing but the critic's own problem.

People with leo moon need to feel and experience their strength and vitality. They feel weak and humiliated by being dependent upon anybody. Their taste may divert towards the pompuous and monumental, sometimes even kitsch. If negative astrological aspects harm their sun, they tend to imitate famous and important people. Their great courage that people around them can attest to is often based upon a fear of being humiliated.

Next are the houses. Each house stands for a particular issue of one's perdsonality, and to a degree, the higher a house's number, the more mature its issues, and the planets standing in a house influence one's genuine nature and approach to the particular issue. We've already had Mercury and sun in the 3rd house above, so we'll skip that below.

The 1st house is about one's primal self-perception and self-preservation. Neptune is in Terry's 1st house.

Quote:Neptune, the planet of noble intentions and/or self-deception, is in the 1st house. This makes for an idealistic, noble personality, but may also indicate mental instability or personal weakness. Great sensitivity and compassion meet with paradoxical mixed feelings.

You are sensitive to the slightest disturbances of your inner self and well-being, which may be one of your greatest strengths, even if you may not realize that it is a good and valuable thing. You have the most sensitive antennas for your surroundings and the present mood and atmosphere in a place, immediately catching on to somebody's gesture, a painting, an inner hunch, or a whim. Neptune is a planet of oneness with your surroundings, so it rules over a most spiritual thing.

This can be a confusing ability for you when you lose your ability to discern between yourself and your surroundings, making you easily impressionable. You may feel like other people are better at concentrating and ignoring these influences that may feel oppressive to you at times, but you possess a great gift of intuition and sensitivity.

The 2nd house is about self-perception of one's body and rudimentary forms of material self-presevation (food, money). Venus and moon node are in Terrys's 2nd house. The aforementioned moon node is an aspect of strong potential where one can grow a lot and achieve a lot with this talent if one remembers to develop the talent.

Quote:Venus (beauty and pleasure) is in the 2nd house (material self-preservation). This makes you enjoy owning tasteful things and financial independence in your hosehold, and you require them for your inner peace. May indicate a tendency for luxury, and fear of losing what you have.

You love precious and comfortable things, art, maybe also antiques, both for their aesthetic quality and their material worth, sometimes even the extravagant. You are apt in your business affairs, especially if they have to do with dealing in beautiful objects.

It's probably easy for you to get the things you desire. Artists with Venus in the 2nd house will find at least moderate commercial success with their art.

Venus in the 2nd house usually gives people physical grace and a good taste. You like to embellish yourself and have an eye for beauty and the sensually appealing. You like to impress people and win their favor, but are also capable of admiring others. A mood, flow, and positive vibe may be more important to you than making sense.

Quote:The moon knode of growth potential is in the 2nd house (material self-preservation), making you crave self-won values independent of an external power or authority, gained through your own talents and by being true to yourself, and you loath financial dependence upon others.

You hate being financially dependent upon others and having to respond to them, as it makes you feel restrained in your freedom and independence. You could never respect yourself if you wouldn't live off your own hand's work. The fruits of your own labor give you inner strength, self-worth, and make you feel capable. You feel you deserve what you have, and that you have a right to enjoy it.

The 3rd house is about motor skills, communication, and learning. We've already been about the sun and Mercury in Terry's 3rd house, leaving only to add Mars here.

Quote:Mars (explosive energy) is in the 3rd house (communication and learning), making you enjoy friendly competition and giving you a flexible mind, but also a sharp tongue. Your body language often appears restless, with a strong tendency for mental and physical hyperactivity.

You are enterprising and energetic, so you are actively engaged with your social surroundings and know many people, and you act passionately. More often than not, you talk before you think, which can get you in trouble at times.

Your thought and interest primarily deal with your immediate surroundings and what to do with them. When others question your intellectual values, you can easily feel hurt and assaulted. Lack of patience could be a problem in your life.

Your strengths include broadness of skills and interests, being able to digest huge amounts of knowledge on a subject within a short time, which balances out most of the above negative aspects of Mars in the 3rd house. But your diverse interests may also make it hard for you to decide between two options seemingly of the same value for you.

The 4th house is about one's spontaneous emotional response to one's surroundings and external stimulus, most broadly and visibly shaping one's outwardly observable personality overall, which is why the 4th house is also known as "the native home of your soul" or "one's spiritual home", and it's also the sign of one's private household and family relations. There is no planet in Terry's 4th house, so the sign via its planetary ruler in this house may indirectly and weakly influence Terry's 4th house instead. The sign in Terry's 4th house is saggitarius, ruler of Jupiter (BTW: Terry's actual Jupiter is in the 9th house, so its influence will be stronger and more directly at work there).

Quote:Jupiter (optimism and growth) is in the 4th house, blessing you with pleasant family relations that give you security without oppressing you. This often indicates a large household, good host qualities, and an optimistic view.

You are a family person. Your own household is ruled by right and rigtheousness granted to all family members. People know you as a great and generous host with an admirable, inviting personality, and people like to visit your house because your optimism is so catchy and vitalizing.

You probably have a tendency for snuggy comfortability in your home and putting on weight, which you would be good advised to reign in with moderation in your diet and physical workouts. In extreme cases, your charming host qualities may lead to smugness and preachiness, which could eventually make you end up with a painfully empty house.

The 5th house is about how one actively approaches and interacts with one's environment. Pholus is in Terry's 5th house.

Quote:Pholus (profound, idealistic wealth) is in the 5th house. You desire your very own path in life where you value individuality and originality most of all. People with Pholus in the 5th house have the greatest of artistic or musical talent, and they desire being acknowledged for their individuality. They will be endlessly loyal and generous to whomever values them for their individuality and artistic talent.

The 6th house is about one's basic approach towards social conventions, authorities, and work ethic. There is no planet in Terry's 6th house, so the sign via its planetary ruler in this house may indirectly and weakly influence Terry's 6th house instead. The sign in Terry's 6th house is aquarius, ruler of Uranus (BTW: Terry's actual Uranus is in the 9th house, so its influence will be stronger and more directly at work there).

Quote:Uranus (independence and self-determination) is in the 6th house (work and social conformity), making you inventive in the workplace. You will do and approach things in highly original ways and like nobody would expect, which can lead to problems with your superiors. You despise boring routine, as it makes you restless.

You like to be different and never do what people expect you to, especially in the workplace. You probably work in a place or position where the challenges you face are diverse and chaotically random, where anything can happen at any minute, but that's exactly how you like it, as you hate routine and repeating yourself.

You're a very socially-minded person who will immediately identify and rally against any obstacles to people's creativity in your workplace and in society overall. No matter in what system you're finding yourself in, you're inevitably feeling bound to champion the values of justice, freedom, and creativity for all. As an individual, you may more often than not fail at this noble enterprise of liberating people for good, which makes you spit rage at the system and quit your job to work somewhere else instead.

It's right to stand up for one's convictions, but if people only see you as a troublemaker and an incurable whacko, you're not getting anywhere. You need to find a balance between opposition and conformity that you can live with.

The 7th house is about general behavior towards people, how one approaches them, and how one pursues one's love interests. There is no planet in Terry's 7th house, so the sign via its planetary ruler in this house may indirectly and weakly influence Terry's 7th house instead. The sign in Terry's 7th house is pisces, ruler of Neptune (BTW: Terry's actual Neptune is in the 1st house, so its influence will be stronger and more directly at work there).

Quote:Neptune (noble intentions and/or self-deception) is in the 7th house, often indicating a tendency to idealize one's partner and a desire to avoid shallow people at all costs, craving deep, profound relationships with those close to you.

It may be more difficult for you to judge people and their motives than it is for others. You probably had to learn through mistakes that you musn't idolize your associates and do better when avoiding blind faith in somebody.

You have a very fine antenna for people's emotions, but you're not too good at interpreting them right because of your tendency to idolize people. Your past mistakes may lead you to repress or contain your honesty when talking to people.

People with a long, painful history of mistakes in this regard may begin to withdraw from social life for the sake of self-protection, by which they act utterly contrary to their genuine social nature and interests, and the resulting loneliness will make them suffer emotionally where they can least bear it, in their fundamental need to socialize. If this happens, they need to be reminded that one of the main functions of socializing is that not only it is emotionally unhealthy and painful to become a hermit, but that people also hold responsibility for each other and have to look after each other.

The 8th house is about one's attitudes towards change vs. stability, giving vs. keeping, and about long-lasting partnerships or marriage. There is no planet in Terry's 8th house, so the sign via its planetary ruler in this house may indirectly and weakly influence Terry's 8th house instead. The sign in Terry's 8th house is aries, ruler of Mars (BTW: Terry's actual Mars is in the 3rd house, so its influence will be stronger and more directly at work there).

Quote:Mars (explosive energy) is in the 8th house, giving you an iron determination, which not only works in your favor. Society often forces you to conform to rigid, conservative values, but Mars in this house will make you so uncomfortable about conformity that doing so in earnest would make you physically sick with hypochondric illness. Your own perfectionism can be a problem.

You have strong passions that may make people see you as 'difficult' to deal with, but you also have the ability to focus and channel these energies for a goal that's important to you. Most of your energies are spent rebelling against the forces that be, be they public authorities or sublimely manipulative power structures, which you will radically tear down in storm and with gusto. But while you readily attack these things whereever you see them manifest in the world, you secretely harbor an itch to use sublime manipulation yourself to get what you want. There are certain areas where your rebellion towards all false authority is a guise to replace the leader yourself.

When faced with opposition, obstacles, and challenges where you're not getting things your way and are denied the means to do your projects, you go simply berserk and become a pure, unstoppable force of nature, made of raging energy, where a lost battle will only make you win the war even more furiously and ferociously. In those cases, you will not take prisoners. You probably actively seek out challenges and opposition in life and fight them with boundless energy, but your own perfectionism can get in the way at times.

At the end of the day, Mars in the 8th house means a desire to forcefully gain control over your own affairs, both control over your own tremendous passions as well as by rebelling against all unjust authority. Your force is often so blinding and overwhelming that you can alienate and even scare people with it.

The 9th house is about one's identity as one's consciously, manifestly expressed topics of interest and how one likes to present themselves to others. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Lilith are in Terry's 9th house, making it his most complex house by far.

Quote:Jupiter (optimism and growth) is in the 9th house, making you interested in the big, profound questions as well as philosophy, higher education, and it renders you both tolerant towards people's little weaknesses as well as giving you a pronounced sense of justice.

You thirst for higher education, knowledge, and strive for a responsible position. Your life's motto could be, "Give the people freedom and lead them by example, and I wish to be their provider and enabler". Thanks to your renowned knowledge and experience, people like to seek your advice, albeit this may lead you to a tendency for self-importance and becoming preachy.

You not only like to communicate your values, but want to learn about and understand history, moral values, and culture. You may have a tendency to start your own fan club for your followers and be preachy. Value and develop your potential as a social healer and reconciler who can see commonalities in perceived opposites where no-one else can see them, as well as succesfully match with perfect hearing what others judge as paradoxically unmatchable.

Quote:Saturn (concentration and perseverance) is in the 9th house, giving you a high sense of justice, a penetrating and discerning mind, and a strategic mindset. Often indicates a lifelong quest for the meaning of life.

Knowledge is especially precious to you, both in learning, understanding, and teaching things.

Your quest for profound knowledge will lead you on a spiritual path sooner or later. You take your time to look at things and fully understand them, and when you make your judgment, it is one that will last. Traditionally, Saturn in the 9th house is associated with stubbornness, but actually, it is a constellation of thorough and sound judgment.

Quote:Uranus (independence and self-determination) in in the 9th house, indicating a revolutionary, free spirit with progressive ideas, their own, highly original faith and opinion, a rebell against all convention and "normalcy".

Free minds are your gospel and your views are highly original. You will never bow down to a forcefully imposed religion, and you have little respect for "unwritten rules" or general social conventions. Some people may feel provoked because you preach freedom and individuality to their most radical of consequences, challenging established systems of values and belief.

You try to go your own way while liking to maintain as many options as possible, which may make you appear paradoxical or a lost wanderer. It's up to you how much you want to challenge people.

Quote:Lilith (ambivalent forces) is in the 9th house, making you changeful in your publically professed convictions.

At times, you feel the need to preach the truth on every street corner. At others, you are lost in doubts, thining of yourself as a phoney conman and a fraud. At one time, you preach your conviction, before falling silent for long passages, refusing to respond to requests for your thoughts, and then you return with utterly different views as before.

All this is because deep down in your soul, you can't decide between vague tolerance and clear conviction. This will also make you waver between reason and spirituality.

The 10th house is about one's self-actualization, attitudes towards fashions and the zeitgeist, as well as one's conscious goal in life. There is no planet in Terry's 10th house, so the sign via its planetary ruler in this house may indirectly and weakly influence Terry's 10th house instead. The sign in Terry's 10th house is gemini, ruler of Mercury (BTW: Terry's actual Mercury is in the 3rd house, so its influence will be stronger and more directly at work there).

Quote:Mercury (intellect and diversity) is in the 10th house. This indicates higher education used for career purposes, clear goals, political thinking, a way with speaking to crowds, while your mind feels "imprisoned" by the tyranny of "normalcy".

Your intellectual faculties focus on getting things done, and you rationally evaluate the world, people, public opinion, and your career. This area of analytical thinking is clear and rarely tarnished by emotion. If you feel anything about these areas on an emotional level, it's a strong sense of responsibility and fixing what is wrong.

Mercury in the 10th house seeks internal consistency in society, using power to right wrongs, and that people appreciate you for these intentions. You consciously choose your ideals and your occupation, but be careful that your sense for responsibility does not rob you of your spontaneity.

Your intelligence demands a job which requires your pronounced analytical skills. If your job offers no intellectual challenges and has little value for society at large, you will tend to feel alienated and depressed. Even though most of your thoughts deal with your job and public affairs, you don't feel like 'sacrificing' your private life, as you feel so much as one with your job if it's the right one that you feel you have the right to care about it not only during office hours.

Your thoughts deal not only with your immediate workplace, but with society and public life at large, where your judgment is clear and sound. You can easily visualize the big picture and have your own opinion about it. Mercury in the 10th house makes you genuinely politically-minded.

The 11th house is about how you consciously use your personal traits and talents in dealing with people. Pluto and Chiron are in Terry's 11th house.

Quote:Pluto (extreme forces) are in the 11th house. You tend to think big and want to lead by example, but your overall views on specific issues are not as clear as you would like people to believe. You often struggle with the traditions of your tribe or society at large.

You want to be more than just a number and go your own way. Rules suffocate you and you will easily push them aside. You refuse to accept threats to your freedom or individuality.

The social machinery turning people into unthinking robots and zombies is a source of your neverending disgust. But your views on particular issues may not last too long, and you secretely correct yourself time and again, as much as this process is a personal painful crisis for you whenever it happens.

You need to learn that all freedom and self-determination only works within certain boundaries, or else society would break down, when a healed, harmonous society is your strongest aspiration.

Quote:Chiron (need to realize your own wound and weakness) is in the 11th house. You're unadjusted and rebellious, yet you wish to be a part of society. You need to find a clear point of view and maintain it.

Chiron in the 11th house gives you a need to create your own personal values and ideals. You may have the potential to be an original thinker, but your need to belong and be appreciated may make you express more conformist views. You need to learn to use your genuine creativity and rational judgment for this purpose.

This means that you have to forge and maintain your own ideas, even if it may temporarily get you attacked. Your individual ideas need to be tested empirically in practice, so you may find out which ones of them may have legs and which ones need to be sent back to the drawing board.

Thus, you're gradually forging your own truth, your own vision of the world, and you increasingly live your individuality in a way that's both truthful and unique. You're bound to make a few mistakes and go through ordeals, but once you succeed, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and encourage others to follow in your footsteps, for the world needs fresh ideas and brilliant people like you that pioneer them.

Phew, that's been a lot of work so far... 0.o I'll do the last house and the two axes tomorrow.

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