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The Vorrh
The Guardian says that Gilliam is trying to get Brian Catling's The Vorrh "on screen." But ..."

“The problem is, film producers want you to sum it up in one page,” Catling groans. “They haven’t got patience to read the thing. They say, ‘What is it? What does it do?’ Those questions are a blank wall to me.”


Being an ignoramus, I've not heard of the book, but why they think Gilliam and Hollywood have many links these days is another question ...
I have the book somewhere, but being french, and the novel not being translated yet, I had a hard time digging into it. I just know it's heavy surrealist stuff, I can't imagine how they could get it financed, unless they use old school techniques a la Karel Zeman (transparencies, collage, I don't know). How on Earth would you produce a fantasy film with (according to the article) an aborted foetus coming back to life otherwise ?
Given this old tweet from Brian Catling announcing the first opening of a production company with Gilliam, the adaptation is meant to be a TV series :
Quote:VORRHPLAY the flickering company of Terry Gilliam, Ray Cooper, Christian Gwinn & my humble self. Move over G o T.

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