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The Defective Detective
Apparently, Gilliam hasn't given up on this other decades-old project : at the end of a recent italian interview, he says that he'd still like to revive it, as a mini-series for Netflix (which is news I guess, as it was targeted for amazon a few years ago if i remember correctly). Yet the project seems very up in the air, and maybe more wishful thinking than anything else at the moment :


Quote:You finally directed your dream project. What now ?
"I don't know if I want to resurrect old projects. Perhaps Defective Detective, which was supposed to be a film, could become a TV series for Netflix. I really don't know what I will do. And I don't mind at all. I want to "play", leave all the doors open, go on holiday with my wife. And continue to be surprised. From anything, except from the death of my dear ones : it's my worst nightmare. I want to be the first to leave. I don't want to suffer. Because I'm a chicken and a coward. "
Interesting that he mentioned Netflix. I wonder that because Amazon bailed out on Quixote and their potential deal with Gilliam, that Netflix have decided to jump in. Has he got a deal with Netflix or is this speculative on Gilliam's part?
I don't have more information than what's in the interview. It's the first time I see him talk about netflix (or more accurately, the first time he talks about them in a good -or neutral- way) so I guess something new happened there. Netflix would be a good home for Gilliam anyway, they showed the whole monty python oeuvre as well as parnassus and they're banking on the new charlie kaufman film so clearly they're in demand. But maybe Netflix would think he's too much of a PR problem right now, I don't know.
I'd really prefer if Terry would stay with Amazon. I've had Amazon for a long time, and coming from an age of linear TV, I find it kind of perverse having to individually pay for every single TV channel. All you used to pay for "in the olden days" was the television and you were, well, set. Okay, TV license here in Europe, but you only paid that once for the entire multitude of channels, not one license for every single channel.
(04-13-2019, 07:57 PM)cclark Wrote: Terry Gilliam on the Fourth Wall Podcast:

In the Fourth Wall podcast I posted in the 'Making of Quixote' thread, Gilliam mentions that he's meeting with Richard LaGravenese (while Gilliam was in NYC to promote Quixote) about reviving The Defective Detective as a miniseries.
In another interview, he has this to say :
Quote:CS: Right. The script you and Richard wrote for “Defective Detective” is magnificent. Is there any hope of that ever coming to fruition?

Gilliam: I’m having dinner with Richard LaGravenese tomorrow. And we’ve talked about it. We were playing with it—well, before “Quixote”, we were playing with trying to extend it to a six-part TV series. And then, it sort of died because the movie took off and everything. There’s something inside me that really likes that idea. We’ve tried to extend it, and we did find a way of doing it. Okay, now we can get on Netflix, is what it’s all about. I just don’t know if it holds up over an extension. There’s a thing about it with him and back and forth and from fantasy to reality, if you contain it within two hours, two plus, you can’t escape. If you go, “Okay, next week, what will happen?” It’s not quite the same.
He also says that while in New York, he bumped into Scott Rudin, who was suppoed to produce "The Defective Detective" back in the day Smile
I I wouldn't hold my breath, though, the only thing that Gilliam said over and over in his american interviews is that he has absolutely no idea what to do next...

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