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Mr. Vertigo
Speaking at the Brussels Film Festival, Terry has let slip what his next film could be. His long mooted adaptation of Paul Auster's book Mr. Vertigo, and Ralph Fiennes is attached to star in it!! https://theplaylist.net/terry-gilliam-mr...-20180629/

I hope this builds momentum and he's able to get it made. Quixote is finally out of the way, and he can move on.
Yeah let's hope he'll find some willing producers and/or financiers during his tour of festivals this summer. Could be a neat project, probably a bit more expensive than Quixote, though. Anyway a bit of press attention cannot be a bad thing.
I'm sure there'll be someone out there willing to give it a go. The book is set in America, but I don't think Terry would film there or go looking for backing there. Canada might be a possibility, as Terry did Tideland and Doctor Parnassus there.

Does his deal with Amazon still stand, despite the fact they chickened out on Quixote?
I'm not sure he has any deal left with Amazon, not really because of the Quixote mess, but because the direction at Amazon changed a lot since Gilliam made his deal (after Roy Price was ousted after sexual harassment claims).
Don't forget Amazon has a deal with Woody Allen, I think they were looking at terminating the deal after the all the allegations reemerged, only to find, thanks to a clause put in by Roy Price, that Amazon would have to pay Allen a large amount of money if they dropped out of the deal. By the looks of it, they're going to stick with him. I hope Terry had a similar deal.
Sounds great! If an actor is already attached maybe its development is quite advanced.
According to some reports, Terry tried selling it at Cannes, but there was little enthusiasm for it, and according to this Italian site, potential producers and investors weren't convinced about Ralph Fiennes in the lead role: https://blog.screenweek.it/2018/07/mr-ve...635652.php

That seems a bit snobbish, I mean true, he isn't a megastar, but Fiennes has made a lot of successful films, and he's worked with a lot of big name directors, like Steven Spielberg, The Coen Brothers, Sam Mendes, Wes Anderson and Anthony Minghella. Not to mention he was Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter films, isn't that enough? Either that or producers are sick of Terry? As if they're saying, "OK, you've done Quixote, isn't that enough?" But, we'll have to wait and see.
In a new interview for Variety, the project doesn't seem so hot :
Quote:You’ve said you have recurring visions of levitating – is this what interested you in adapting Paul Auster’s “Mr. Vertigo”? How is that going?
That’s funny, I hadn’t really thought about it for years. But somehow it came up in Cannes again and I thought that everybody had forgotten about it – I have. I don’t know why it keeps coming back. It’s a beautiful book and we worked on it quite a bit. And now that “Quixote” is out of the way, these things are popping up like mushrooms.

I wanted Ralph Fiennes to play the guy, and somebody told me he is not bankable. I went, ‘What?!’ That was the moment I said, ‘Oh, fuck this. If Fiennes is not bankable to get this film off the ground…that’s the most depressing thing about this business. You say Jonathan Pryce and they say he is not bankable.
What a shame. I really liked the sound of that.
Then again, when Terry took on Tideland in 2001, he couldn't get the money straight away for that one, as many were puzzled by it, and for a brief moment, it looked like it would be another one of his projects that would fall by the wayside. But it was perseverance, a bit of good luck and a tax break in Saskatchewan, Canada that enabled it to be made. There'll be someone out there who'll take a chance on Mr. Vertigo, give it time.

As for Ralph Fiennes not being bankable, was his appearances in Harry Potter and Bond all for nothing? What about The Grand Budapest Hotel? That was a very successful film, and he was brilliant in it!

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