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Candide ?
Gilliam has said numerous times that he has tried to make a film out of Leonard Bernstein's operetta "Candide" based on the eponymous Voltaire novel. In the past he tried to do it with Johnny Depp in the lead : https://www.broadwayworld.com/board/read...ad=1082018
Now he seems to think about it again, as he talked about that idea in 2 separate french interviews during the promotion of his staging of Benvenuto Cellini in Paris (*).
I'd be very curious to see Gilliam on a musical, to say the least.

(*)(another project he seems to toy with woul be a "digest" of Wagner's Ring cycle, but for the stage)
Thanks for the links, B.
I gotta say, I'd prefer an epic adventure period piece like "Munchausen" to a musical approach on film. Being another epic film set during roughly the same period, the images in the trailer to the recent Hollywood adaptation of "Les Miserables" looked quite promising, but what kept me from seeing it in any format was the fact that it's another campish musical version pandering to American audiences who seem to have not the faintest idea that it's originally a novel.
Richard Lester once said, "I have always said that there are three works that should never ever be made on film, all for the reason that they will never, ever work. I recall saying this to Terry. One of them is Candide, a great story, the second is Baron Munchausen, and the third is Don Quixote. And with unerring accuracy, Terry leaps towards these projects."

At least it's the musical version of Candide that Terry is aiming for.
In the "Crew Call" podcast from Deadline on December 18th, Gilliam says that his next project is a "Sondheim musical" at the Old Vic in London next year. So my guess is that he'll finally do Candide but for the stage, not for the screen.
So the Sondheim musical is not Candide, it's Into the Woods ! Which seems perfectly fit for Gilliam, actually.

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