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Brazil reference in The Last Jedi
Apparently there's a reference to Brazil in the new Rian Johnson helmed Star Wars film (mild spoilers). (via the Terry Gilliam Reddit page)

If you follow Rian Johnson on Twitter, you'll discover he's a big Terry Gilliam fan.
Rian Johnson even interviewed Gilliam in a 2 parts conversation a few years ago : http://www.talkhouse.com/rian-johnson-lo...st-part-1/
Now that Star Wars is out, one part of the conversation in particular has another weight, concerning the comeback of a certain character...
The Hardware Wars easter egg (you'll know it when you see it) felt like it was shot like one of Gilliam's fake-out trick shots.

At 0:58 of the track Canto Bight, you can hear a few seconds of the theme from Brazil (also mentioned in the original Reddit thread linked above, which has a link to YouTube if you are unable to access Spotify).
Funnily, I just bought the blu-ray for The Last Jedi and they even put a few seconds of the conversation Gilliam and Rian Johnson had for talkouse.com straight at the beginning of the making of in the extras ! It must be 20 seconds at best but you can hear Gilliam's voice asking Johnson what he's working on and how it feels to work on someone else' s universe... So Terry Gilliam is really bound to that film ! Smile

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