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Loving Vincent
Loving Vincent is an animated film about Vincent Van Gogh shot with real actors. Each frame of film was hand painted in Van Gogh's style. The World Premiere of Loving Vincent will be held at the 2017 Annecy Film Festival in June. Below is the trailer.

Thanks for the tip; looks very interesting!
Here's a good behind the scenes video:

Thank you!
Looks like an extraordinary and challenging undertaking.

Of all the existing screen examinations of the man's life and work I was very moved by Robert Altman's
Vincent & Theo.

I will look out for this film.
According to the official site, US release dates start on 9/22 (NYC) and 9/29 (LA) with a national rollout of 10/6.

They haven't made an official UK announcement on the site yet, but it looks to be October 13.
Here is the first official trailer.

I wonder if they're going to bring up a theory that Vincent's death was an accidental homicide, and not a suicide? There was a book that was out a few years ago that brought up that theory.
I was able to see Loving Vincent at one of the two NY theaters this past weekend. It's absolutely worth seeing on the big screen (if only for the unique, dreamy visuals). The rotoscoping animation technique reminded me of other films (Waking Life certainly comes to mind), but the fact that it was all created using actual oil paintings and not computer (or even hand drawn) animation is astounding.

Here's the UK trailer:


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