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Jonathan Coulton's 'Solid State' concept album & companion graphic novel
Jonathan Coulton's new concept album Solid State has a companion graphic novel written by Matt Fraction and drawn by Albert Monteys. More about the album and graphic novel here.

You can listen to the first single All This Time on Spotify or watch the official video on YouTube:

Some panels from the graphic novel:
[Image: C50b37JWYAAFACN.jpg]

[Image: C50cAa-WUAAAAyY.jpg]
Here's a funny unboxing video for the LP.

Solid State: Graphic Novel Preview video and an interview about the making of the album. Update: According to this page, the 'Solid State' graphic novel will be available in paperback and digital formats on July 26th.

You can now stream the entire album on Soundcloud, Spotify, AppleMusic/iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, and Napster.
I made an unofficial music video for the song 'Square Things' from Solid State. Most of the footage was shot by me on an iPhone 6, and the effects were created using various iPhone/Mac apps and filters.


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