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The Making of Quixote
Another court victory for Gilliam and Quixote. https://variety.com/2020/film/global/ter...65172/amp/
New trailer for the making of "He dreams of Giants", released on streaming in the UK on March 29th :
I have a ticket for it’s online screening at the Dublin Film Festival this weekend.
Looks an intense film.
What a strange tale.
Nice ! Don't hesitate to post a review here afterwards.
Will do!
He Dreams Of Giants - An Appreciation

It is a sophisticated, intelligent but wholly approachable film that presents a multifaceted portrait of an artist battling the weight of the ageing process and the historical baggage of their own mythic reputation.

There is little or no glamour in the world of film production as presented just a daunting horde of infernal practicalities to be wrestled with.

There is great beauty, however, in the natural landscapes and in the scapes of Terry's face as glimmers of that infectious enthusiasm of old for the creative process break through an almost cosmic weariness.

A human weariness that leant the version of Man Who Killed Don Quixote that finally emerged much of its melancholy power.

I wondered as I watched Keith Fulton & Louis Pepe's handsome, tender portrait could Gilliam have ever reached those beats as a younger man?

Does he even know, now?
Most of the reviews I read about this making of evoke some sense of melancholy... It's quite heartbreaking in a way but also very fitting that it all happens around a Quixote adaptation dealing with old age, death and legacy. I wonder if the directors actually (consciously or not) pushed for that angle given the subject matter or if it happened organically.
It is heartbreaking. Not in any mawkish sense but in a very real and meaningful way and it shapes the whole film. Life is hard. Art is hard. Both have taken a very obvious toll. I get a sense of a man emerging out of the 20th century myth of the director as superhuman hero. Transformed but not I must add defeated. This film will provoke much thought and reflection in Gilliam fans.
He Dreams of Giants reviewed by Mark Kermode


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