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The Making of Quixote
Amazon has a release date for the DVD/Blu-Ray for June 4th: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PDTWCFQ

It looks like that earlier leaked release date was correct.
The making of "He Dreams of Giants" has now an official website, saying that the film's coming next autumn : http://www.lowkeypictures.com/he-dreams-of-giants
Some unused projects for the international poster, found on the website of the graphic studio Le Cercle Noir :
[Image: themanwhokilleddonquixote_maq2.jpg?itok=IgftTmHH]
[Image: themanwhokilleddonquixote_maq1.jpg?itok=vy8CJHpi]
[Image: themanwhokilleddonquixote_maq3.jpg?itok=KfBLJOOO]
So I picked up my copy of the film yesterday, and the only special features are the featurettes we've already seen on YouTube. They include:

• Locations
• The Nose
• Production Design
• Costume & Makeup
• Working With Terry Gilliam

I've been reading online that it's difficult finding the a copy film. Barnes & Noble & Target seem to carry it, while Best Buy does not.
A little reminder that Paulo Branco is still suing everyone in Europe : a portuguese court specialized in intellectual property denied him rights over the film this week because he was neither a producer or a creator of it and that therefor the real producer Ukbar Filmes had thee right to exploit the film in Portugal.
Branco said he will appeal but it's a serious blow to his money-seeking strategy and set a precedent for the other trials he might have engaged with the other producing companies of the film : https://www.publico.pt/2019/06/12/cultur...am-1876255
Still bitter I'm guessing? Plus, these lawsuits won't be cheap, so it'll be costing him money. Is it his lawsuits that have prevented it from being seen in the UK?
Not sure but there are still lawsuits waiting for judgements in UK apparently.
(06-17-2019, 07:02 AM)bruttenholm Wrote: Not sure but there are still lawsuits waiting for judgements in UK apparently.

Branco won one lawsuit in the UK, but that was whether the original 2016 contract between Branco and Gilliam was still valid, it had nothing to do with the present incarnation of the film.
Exactly but I thought he was now suing on other motives in the UK, too (but maybe it's just in Portugal ?). Anyway you're right, there are no judgement whatsoever that gave Branco any rights over the film. At one point I thought he fact that Branco said that the english and french judgement gave him rights over the film was just a communication strategy but I start to think that he actually really believes it. Weird.
Even the producers Mariela Besuievsky and Gerardo Herrero made that clear. Still, Branco's thrashing around didn't stop it getting released in America and Canada. I think whoever has the UK rights are waiting until Branco goes away.

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