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The Making of Quixote
Quixote has been chosen as one of the most exciting films of 2018 by big-name directors by The Guardian.

Quote:The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
Seventeen years in the making – and 28 since he began work on it – Terry Gilliam’s semi-mythical, time-hopping fantasy-comedy – a sort-of Cervantes adaptation, but not really – will finally seen the light of day, with Adam Driver and Jonathan Pryce in the lead roles. It will do well to match the drama of the film’s disastrous production – flash-floods, incapacitated leading men, legal wrangles, the works.
I hope we'll have some official images soon (from what I understand, the film should be totally finished in february or something like that).
Apparently the sound mix is finished : https://twitter.com/STUDIOLEQUIPE/status...1757421569
(which means editing+music is finished) (I guess there must still be some work to do on visual effects and color grading)
Canadian News Channel CTV predicts a May release for theaters, but that may just be confused with the Cannes premiere: https://www.ctvnews.ca/entertainment/fiv...-1.3748913

On another note, there is an official website (though I feel like that's already been mentioned):
The Tornasol Films site linked from the official Quixote site above had this to say about the release:
Quote:International sales are managed by Kinology. Amazon Studios has acquired distribution rights for the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom; and Telemunchen for Germany and Austria.

The distribution in Spain will be provided by Warner Bros Pictures International Spain.


There is a synopsis on that page that goes a bit further than previous synopses and comes off as a bit spoilery, which is why I didn't repost it here.

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