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(02-19-2023, 06:02 PM)bruttenholm Wrote: Gilliam giving updtaes here (  -projects speculation start around 2hrs37) about what might be his next project, revealing the name of his co-writer for his film about God erasing humanity : it's the young playwright Christopher Brett Bailey .
Also Gilliam says he's still trying to make Defective Detective and is working with a producer "who's done very well in LA" to retrieve the rights to the script from the studio.
I found this interview of Christopher Brett Bailey, and I can see how his sensibility could mesh with Gilliam's :
Quote:By day, Chris would write more conventionally narrative pieces. A punchline or an image would spring to mind while he was out walking or riding the tube, which he would then carefully lay out on paper. Images such as: a girlfriend’s anti-Semitic father whose body is literally contorted in the shape of a Swastika; or being told to ‘go fuck yourself’ by the aforementioned fictional girlfriend, and going on to do exactly that, from romantic first date to sweaty Home Run. Y’know, that kind of thing.
Also in the podcast hosted by Gilliam 2 years ago he was actually telling a short story with Satan as a protagonist :
Gilliam says he has "one actor already" for The carnival at the end of days
It might not mean much regarding the feasibility of the project but at least it's taking some shape...
In another interview, Gilliam says that "we'll see what happens : if we get the money, we'll make it... I'm excited about trying to make it, that's all."
Quote:There is a film that I wrote, it's called Carnival at the End of Days , the subtitle is “fun for all of those who enjoy to take offense" " (...) "The story is an opportunity to mock everything I can't stand, so much so that those who have seen the script have told me: "if they read it in Hollywood you will never make a film again" But I'm an old man now, an old white man and if this world sucks it's my category's fault. At this point in my life, I don't care about the consequences.
You've been warned ! Not sure if it will ever get made, then, haha.

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