Next project speculation
Quote:On Netflix experience, he stressed that it has provided good opportunities to many directors whose work is excellent but it lacks their own fingerprint. It also lacks cinematic screening, big screen, and cinema atmosphere, “However, I do not refuse to work with them,” Gilliam revealed.
It really wouldn't surprise me if Gilliam ended up making his next film for Netflix...
Really not sure if the latest message by Gilliam on facebook is related to an actual project or just a random illustration but let me dream it's a concept art for a huge Georgian steampunk epic or something :
[Image: 312351698_697425655080398_49585815265193...e=63671A60]
(02-23-2014, 06:04 PM)Donald McKinney Wrote: Hmm, good title, not read it, but the title has me sold. Whatever happened to Geek Love?? I read Gilliam was interested about a decade ago, but nothing happened...
A newly published New Yorker profile on novelist Katherine Dunn sheds some light on Gilliam's interest in "Geek Love" :
Quote:“Geek Love” is historically beloved by dark and eccentric artists, many of whom are famous. Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Flea, and the Monty Pythonite Terry Gilliam were all outspoken fans. According to Gilliam, Johnny Depp wanted to play the book’s most interesting character, Arturo the Aqua Boy, so badly that he tried to get Gilliam to make “Geek Love” into a movie—Tim Burton ended up buying the rights. The book was so resonant for Gilliam that as recently as 2010 he was still trying to adapt the novel, this time as a West End stage play.
I doubt that he's still chasing it though.

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