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Next project speculation
I interviewed Terry at the end of August, with the main objective of getting a few final quotes from him for the ZT production notes. I took the opportunity to ask him what he'd be working on next.

The director said that the dates have been set now for his second opera for ENO, Berlioz's "Benvenuto Cellini". This will be staged in June 2014, and he told me, "I won’t be shooting until next autumn, there’s no way I can do anything before."


I then asked him if he has a film project in the pipeline for next autumn, to which he replied, "Next week we start thinking about where we go next. There’s old Quixote waiting in the wings. We'll have a couple of meetings before we even think that we might have a go at it again. We’ll see."

Gilliam was apparently zeroing in on Quixote in september, when he was asked about his next project at Venice film festival.
I really think Quixote's coming up next, especially since a certain rival production hasn't gone any further (at least I think).

Sounds like Gilliam's got the swing of opera, now with a second one already locked in. This whole "nothing but trouble" stigma is starting to turn into an exaggeration.
Terry Gilliam didn't mention it as a "next project" or anything but I didn't want to open a new topic just for this... In an italian interview, he revealed that he used to work on adapting some of Neil Gaiman's graphic novels and that he'd want to adapt some novels from Neal Stephenson :
(translation by me with the help of google translate)

Quote:I am a huge fan of comic books. And, in the past, I also tried to make a movie out of graphic novels from friends like Neil Gaiman but without ever succeeding. Now, honestly, the fact that everyone wants to make movies adapted from comics makes me automatically want to go in the opposite direction. I think intensely of "Don Quixote" but it would be also great to be able to make any good movies out of the novels of one of my favorite contemporary writers, an absolute genius who is Neal Stephenson, who, with his science fiction stories, is always immersed in today's world while keeping an eye on the future, as only the great storytellers can. The transition from a good book to a good movie, though, is never automatic, because while the writer may face the blank page alone with his own imagination, the cinema is a collective artform with the director as the leader of a group of professionals and artists who give their personal contribution to the finished product .
Terry is a big fan of "Cryptonomicon", by Neal Stephenson. He once said it was recommended to him by Stephen Fry.
Hmm, good title, not read it, but the title has me sold. Whatever happened to Geek Love?? I read Gilliam was interested about a decade ago, but nothing happened...
At one point "Geek Love" was a Tim Burton project. I don't know what happened or if Warner Bros still has the rights.
I can't see Geek Love going down well at the big studios, if Burton couldn't get it made, what chance does Gilliam have??
A bit of update on "Good Omens"
Quote:A reunion of Python, a complete ‘Quixote’… what about the third ‘never going to happen’ project, ‘Good Omens’?

[Resigned sigh] It’s very weird. The script is tied up with some bankruptcy case. Some receiver in North London actually controls it. I’ve been thinking Good Omens would be the perfect vehicle to do on HBO or Showtime. So it’s an extended story that runs for weeks. I actually like our script. I think Tony and I have compressed it nicely. But it could possibly be better on television with a run of 10 episodes.
On one hand it's stuck in legal issues, on the other hand the idea of a mini-series seems to be growing.
At the end of this interview from yesterday in mexico, Gilliam hints that he's planning a new stage musical project in London next year : https://www.excelsior.com.mx/funcion/ter...do/1327009
I guess he has exhausted Berlioz's repertoire for now so I wonder what he will do... Will he finally tackle Stephen Sondheim's Candide ??

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