Terry Gilliam: Meet the Filmmaker (Apple Store live event)
iTunes has a podcast called Meet the Filmmaker which features in-depth interviews of filmmakers held at various Apple Stores around the world. For the Terry Gilliam episode (held at the Apple Store Regent Street in London back in March), they've released it as it's own special episode, separately from the main feed. (Note: the links are to the U.S. iTunes store.)

There was also a "Meet the Filmmaker" event with Terry Gilliam held at the Apple Store in the Soho area of NYC; see video in next post below.

Update: This YouTube video is from the UK Apple Store event last March. It looks like the uploader clipped off the beginning of the podcast (with the trailer) and went straight to the interview:

This is the podcast for the recent Apple Store event in Soho, NYC.

Update: for those without iTunes, I took the liberty of uploading the video podcast of the Soho Apple event to my alternate YouTube channel.


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