Terry Gilliam Sued Over Street Artist Graffiti in 'Zero Theorem'
Terry Gilliam Sued Over Street Artist Graffiti in 'Zero Theorem' (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Quote:Gilliam (Brazil, 12 Monkeys) is said to have shot Zero Theorem in Bucharest, Romania. One of the important locales in the film is a burnt-out chapel converted into the living quarters of the protagonist. The lawsuit says that the exterior wall of the chapel "features a colorful mural that is a blatant misappropriation of Plaintiffs' Copyrighted Artwork."
This graffiti?

[Image: 73346.jpg]
It seems so. Here is an article with picture of the graffiti mentioned in the lawsuit.

[Image: Picture-A.png]
You have to admit that the similarities are particularly striking (on the other hand, the graffitti is much less noticeable in the actual film than in the production picture posted above).
That's strange, I remember that in parnassus Gilliam asked real graffitti artists (his son was one of them I think) to decorate the walls, he should have done the same here rather than copying.
This film had such a tight schedule he may not have been aware that he was copying. The set decorator may have shown him the design (without telling him where it originated) and he had to approve quickly.
CinemaBlend has picked up the story and brings up the relevant question: is this theft or homage?
I'd say homage. Isn't it true what they say? "Imitation is the best sort of plagarism."
A Melbourne curator criticises international street artists who are suing filmmaker Terry Gilliam for copyright infringement.
That article's title sums up this entire case nicely.

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