The Zero Theorem DVD & Blu-Ray
Early days, but The Zero Theorem is due out on DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK on July 21st 2014!!

More as it comes!!
Apparently, the US Blu-ray release will be one day later. I wonder if there will still be a theatrical or VOD release beforehand, but with this news I doubt it (though VOD could still be in the cards). Anyone know how reliable is?
Does anyone have any word on features?
Here's a possible cover for the French Blu-ray, via Twitter.

[Image: BpZ5swHCQAAK_gW.png]
That's the french canadian blu-ray, actually.
(06-16-2014, 10:11 AM)bruttenholm Wrote: That's the french canadian blu-ray, actually.

It's probably both. The one I posted above has the French title, the Canadian one is in English. Either way, it's a nice cover.

Edit: I stand corrected.
I've found some info on the special features from the BBFC website!!

An Interview With Emil Hostina

An Interview with Sanjeev Bhaskar

The Visual Effects of Crunching Entities

The Zero Theorem: The Sets

The Zero Theorem: Behind The Scenes

The Zero Theorem: The Costumes

Location Breakdown: City Streets

Location Breakdown: Mancom

Location Breakdown: Mancom Mainframe

Location Breakdown: Qohen's Chapel

Location Breakdown: The Park

Location Breakdown: Virtual Beach

London Film Festival Q&A With Terry Gilliam

The Zero Theorem: The Rats
Gee, I'm jealous. You guys are getting the DVD and BD before it's even released to theaters in Germany here.
Here's the UK DVD and Blu-Ray covers!! Big Grin

[Image: 14w66f4.jpg]

[Image: r79b12.jpg]
I like the flat retro colors on Qohen's head on the UK DVD cover (can't tell if he's drawn or a manipulated photograph!), but the rest of it style and composition-wise, uh...I dunno. The stylized eye with its sunrays is still good, but that blue-greenish bubbly BG and the other characters looking exactly like taken from stills rather than exhibiting the same borderline look where you just can't tell! Plus, the overall composition beyond Qohen's head and the eye logo doesn't look very clever, attractive, or intriguing to me, more like a blandish direct-to-video-release. And the BD cover makes it look like a re-make of Jingle All the Way in color scheme/pallete.

The French/Canadian cover does go the opposite of a retro ad-look, actually adding quite some depth and mystery. Not bad and I'd certainly have a look on the backside blurb even if it wouldn't be a Terry movie, even if I don't know yet if there's any correspondence between cover style or look and the film's actual look and sensibilities there.

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