3D printing used to make ZT movie prop
3D Printing Movie Props, Zero Theorem.
3D printing will definitely be a great help in the movie industry in creating state-of-the-art props to make every scene more realistic. Now that there are lots of plastic filament, metals and Carbon Fibre that are being used to 3D print objects, movie makers will have endless possibilities to create props that will fit exactly fit every scene in a movie.
Movie production houses are also into 3D printing now. I heard Transformers 3D printed major characters in the movie. Production is faster and cost is lesser with additive manufacturing. That’s why 3D modeling is now a hobby of most gamers. In fact, I built a miniature Space Wolf Army using 3D2print’s plastic ABS and PLA filaments. If you’re not satisfied with the result, you can use acetone for the finishing touches to make your creations glossy and shiny.
New video showcasing the game controller & keyboard.

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