Zero Theorem reviews (continued)
I liked all the elements related to "somewhere in the 21st century" (the office work showed like a game, the colorful and joyful citizens strayed apart and creeping on the "ancient civilization"'s buildings), yet I felt that these observations, critics and satire were not really supported by the script, which is more concerned with philosophical or esoteric questions not really strongly articulated within the film but rather tossed out in the dialogue.
I noticed in the production notes and credits it said:

"Mr. Rushin’s Script Assistants MESSRS. AUDSLEY, COOPER & VANCE

Additional Dialogues by TERRY GILLIAM"

How much did they add?? I know they did additional filming in London with the video commercials. Wink
I think they recorded new dialogue as well, while the film was in post-production.

Much more in depth than any of the short dismissive reviews from the majority of those so-called "professional critics".
The Flickering Myth Blu-Ray review.
In the ramp up to the US release, reviews are starting to trickle in again. Entertainment Weekly gave the film a B.
Rotten Tomatoes have gathered enough reviews for a consensus:

Quote:Fans of director Terry Gilliam's trademark visual aesthetic will find everything they've bargained for, but for the unconverted, The Zero Theorem may prove too muddled to enjoy.

It's at 55%. That could've been a lot worse.
It's getting a bit of a buzz over in America, with a lot of coverage in the papers and on websites there.
'Zero Theorem' is Gilliam's best movie in years - (via The Buffalo News)
Review of the US Blu-ray from DVD Talk:
Quote:The Zero Theorem is definitely going to divide audiences, with the portion having a positive experience being made up mainly of Gilliam fans, as this is more of the same kind of artistry he is well-known for. For others, the oddity and density of the plot may be too much to overcome. But put in the work and the film rewards with a thoughtful, visually-impressive experience. The Blu-ray is also impressive, with a solid presentation and extras that offer a good look behind the scenes, to see how Gilliam accomplished such feats on the cheap. If you like films like Brazil, or even just the more cerebral elements of The Matrix, you might find something to like in this film as well. At the least, it's undeniably beautiful.

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