The Zero Theorem U.S. opening weekend
Quote:Amplify opened Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem theatrically in a rather hefty 63 locations Friday following a pre-theatrical VOD release. In theaters, the film grossed $82K for a slow $1,302 average, though the company indicated it expected its average to be lower because of its non-theatrical window.

“We’re particularly delighted for this gross as the film went out pre-theatrically on VOD,” Amplify said in a release. “Because of that, we weren’t playing the per-screen-average game on this one…Rather than tossing the film in 10 random screens to qualify it for a premium slot on VOD, the film had an honest-to-goodness theatrical release. That kind of thing is better for films, it’s better for our partners at the theater and platform level, and especially for audiences.” The film expands next weekend and remains available on major VOD platforms.
via Deadline Hollywood.
That's good for Amplify, though I wonder now it will play in the coming weeks. (On an interesting note, The Guest opened to the same amount and it was playing at fewer screens!)

Does anyone have any data for how ZT is doing on VOD?
On the plus side, that's more than Tideland made in it's entire U.S. Theatrical run.
(09-22-2014, 12:12 AM)Packer Wrote: Does anyone have any data for how ZT is doing on VOD?

Here's an informative article telling why studios don't share VOD box office numbers (short version: because they don't have to). To find out what Zip T's VOD box office tally is, you'd probably need a Rentrak account. On another related note, Snowpiercer is one recent film that's become a VOD success story.
With ZT's theatrical run coming to close, I thought I'd share its total box office, both domestically and internationally.

Domestic: $257,706
Foreign: $983,398
Total: $1,241,104

(That total was based on a calculation on my part. Box Office Mojo's foreign tally for ZT did not factor in the grosses for a few other countries past 6/29/14. They got it up to $513,000. To find the up-to-date total, I had to add up all the individual foreign country grosses into Google Calculator. The results were a higher foreign gross than the one reported.)

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