TMBG's Dial-A-Song returns!
The Brooklyn band They Might Be Giants have resurrected their old Dial-A-Song phone service and website to help promote a trio of albums to be released this year. The first one, Glean, has already been released. You can hear all the songs released so far (including most of the Glean tracks) on the new Dial-A-Song website. The toll-free phone number for the new service is (844) 387-6962 (if you want to hear the songs in the original Dial-A-Song lo-fi glory). You can also check out the songs on TMBG's YouTube Channel via this playlist. (Note: The newest song is always at the top of the list.)

TMBG also conducted a video contest for the track Erase (from the album Glean) and below is one of the winning videos.

Here are some official videos for other songs from the Glean album.

Lastly, here's a free bootleg of the band's March 29th show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in MP3 or FLAC formats.
I am extremely proud to say I was able to contribute to TMBG's Dial-A-Song project by making the official video for I Made A Mess. It was created using public domain films from

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