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A Maze of Being now online - MercuryZap - 05-18-2018

The cosmic mixed-media animation, A Maze of Being in now online:

I know everyone is understandably preoccupied with other but I'm sharing it here first as I very much doubt I would ever have attempted anything like it without Terry Gilliam's influence.

Thank you and good luck, all.

RE: A Maze of Being now online - MercuryZap - 05-25-2018

Hi All
The highly subjective, impressionistic, mixed media, experimental documentary filmed in Belfast City Center & Antrim town that charts the psychic landscape tranversed during the Maze of Being gallery experience, MOB DOCUMENT 2018, is now online:

A Maze of Being is still on Vimeo and is also now on YouTube:

Thank you.

RE: A Maze of Being now online - cclark - 05-26-2018

Very interesting. What programs do you use to create the visuals?

RE: A Maze of Being now online - MercuryZap - 05-26-2018

Hi Craig

On A Maze of Being the 3D modelling and animation was done in Cheetah 3D.
It’s a MAC only app. Relatively very cheap, fast and intuitive. The 2D animation is done in Moho. I used Pixelmator for image editing. Composting and motion graphics were done in Motion. Editing was done in iMovie.

MOB DOCUMENT was shot on a combination of Kodak and Agfa outdated Super8 stock and digital video. Filteration and manipulation of these sources was done, again, in Motion and the edit was performed in Final Cut.

Thanks for watching.