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RE: Release dates - TlatoSMD - 04-11-2014

I remember that campaign where we all sent selfies in with a piece of paper that read, "I'm in X, and I want to see Dr. Parnassus". Maybe we should do it again, now with "I find it unfair that ZT is not gonna be released in Spain and Scandinavia!"

RE: Release dates - cclark - 04-16-2014

The official website now has the US release as "Summer 2014" instead of "Late Summer 2014" as it was originally listed. As much as I'd like to see the film as soon as possible, I hope they aren't planning a June or July release over August (when it will have a better chance). It'll probably end up being some limited arthouse release anyway.

RE: Release dates - cclark - 06-16-2014

Apparently, there should be some news of a U.S. release soon.

RE: Release dates - Packer - 06-18-2014

Quote:good things come to those who wait. and you won't be waiting long.

Hope that wasn't an optimistic claim.

RE: Release dates - cclark - 06-19-2014

Amplify website and Twitter page are up and running. No news yet on the US release date, though.

RE: Release dates - cclark - 06-21-2014

The suspense is killing me!

RE: Release dates - cclark - 06-24-2014

So now it's September (but no exact date yet).

RE: Release dates - cclark - 06-25-2014

The Film Stage says The Zero Theorem will hit US theaters on September 19th. New trailer coming as well.

Update: VOD on August 19th, one month earlier than the theatrical release.

RE: Release dates - Packer - 06-27-2014

Strange that its VOD premier is ahead of the theatrical release. Having a simultaneous platform release makes more sense, but maybe I'm just used to that strategy.

RE: Release dates - bruttenholm - 07-01-2014

Here's an alternate unused poster for the american release :
[Image: zero-theorem-alternate-poster.jpg]
Clever design. Much more interesting than the posters we already got.