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RE: Release dates - Donald McKinney - 03-05-2014

Who is Amplify and Well Go USA Entertainment??

RE: Release dates - cclark - 03-05-2014

(03-05-2014, 10:05 PM)Donald McKinney Wrote: Who is Amplify and Well Go USA Entertainment??

From the press release I linked to in the previous post:

Amplify is a bi-coastal all-rights distribution company that aims to bring the best in global independent film to theaters and beyond. Formed in 2014 from a merger of innovative theatrical distributor Variance Films (Sound City, Red Hook Summer, Go For Sisters) and leading digital distributor GoDigital, Amplify uses cutting edge marketing and distribution techniques with a focus on working directly with filmmakers to craft hand-tailored release campaigns for each film. Led by an executive team comprised of GoDigital’s Logan Mulvey, Variance Films’ Dylan Marchetti, and former Focus Features executive Kent Sanderson, Amplify is financed by Preferred Ventures. Upcoming releases from Amplify include Stuart Murdoch’s musical God Help The Girl.


Well Go USA Entertainment ( is a theatrical and home entertainment distribution label that specializes in bringing top content, including the best in genre and Asian cinema, to North America and Asia. As a leader in independent film distribution, Well Go’s titles can be seen across a variety of formats and platforms, including theatrical, video-on-demand, digital, packaged media and broadcast television. Since 1994, Well Go has acquired and released over 2,000 titles worldwide and currently releases three to five films per month. Well Go USA Entertainment’s corporate headquarters are in Plano, TX with offices in Taiwan and China.

Wikipedia has Fox Searchlight Pictures as the US distributer, but I'm sure that will change.

RE: Release dates - TlatoSMD - 03-05-2014

I wonder if Amplify is supposed to be this company:

EDIT: Oh, nevermind. Cclark posted while I was still busy finding anything about Amplify and Well Go USA on Wikipedia.

RE: Release dates - cclark - 03-05-2014

Here's more about the new distribution company, Amplify.

RE: Release dates - Packer - 03-06-2014

I've heard about GoDigital before, never knew that they would get merged. I really need to be more caught up in the indie side of the industry.

Interesting that ZT will now be at home with the studio that brought us such gems as Zombie Hunter, Strippers vs. Werewolves, Bikini Girls on Ice, Supernatural Activity, and a lot of Asian pick-ups. Rolleyes

RE: Release dates - cclark - 03-06-2014

I always make it a point to see Terry Gilliam's films in theaters, but I wonder if I'll be able to purchase the UK DVD before the ZT summer release in the US. I'm sure the UK version will have better features, given Well Go USA's roster. Also, I'm pretty sure a lot of Well Go USA films are on Netflix Streaming (I'm buying a DVD no matter what, though). Hopefully Criterion will release this at some point.

RE: Release dates - cclark - 04-02-2014

Still no exact US release date for ZT (but at least it's still slated for late summer), but now we know it has been rated R by the MPAA for language and some sexuality/nudity.

Probably an oversight, but the article had this to say:
Quote:Well Go USA is expected to release it later this year, but not date has yet been set for the now-R rated film. In fact, I'm not even certain Well Go is releasing it yet as only the production company, Zero Theorem Limited, was listed on the MPAA bulletin.

RE: Release dates - Packer - 04-04-2014

For those curious, here's a list of all known countries ZT will be at along with distributors and release dates (I might be a little late posting this Angel):

[Image: 1375865_679852368740247_2047613529_n.png]

RE: Release dates - theresa - 04-11-2014

Hi guys, it's Theresa Shell from the Dr. Parnassus Support Site. We have started a new campaign to support Terry. They are not releasing ZT in Scandanavia or Spain. We are asking all Gilliam fans to email the Executive Vice President of International Marketing at Sony and telling him they want ZT in these two countries. We must support each other so that all the countries will get the film. Also the remaining countries where it is currently being released are only LIMITED RELEASE. So if you're not in a big city your chances of seeing the film right now are not good. So after we get Spain and Scandanavia taken care of we will start emailing for wider release around the world. Please send an email a couple of times a week, send a card, write a poem asking for Zero Theorem, but don't stop. Let them know that Gilliam's fans are not going to go away until we get wider release. Help Spain and Scandanavia even if you are not from there because when the time comes to ask for wider release in your country they will help us do that. We have to stand together. There is power in numbers. If we want to keep seeing Terry's movies then we better start being heard. Just remember, just because it may be coming to your country doesn't mean it will be there for long or that it will come to a town near you.

Please share this email address and spread the word. Ask fellow Gilliam fans to join in and email and spread the word. We want this to go viral. We need action. We have to help each other and we need to do this for Terry. He has given us so much.

The fans made a huge difference in the life of Dr. Parnassus and we can do it again with this film. Also, please follow the tweets and retweet of @zerotheoremgirl on Twitter.

Here is where you send your email:

Send an email daily if you can, a card, a poem. But let them know we are here to stay! Thank you all so much!

RE: Release dates - cclark - 04-11-2014

Hi Theresa, I added your Twitter feed link to the Buzzfeed Community article I made a while back. (It's a shame I don't know anyone who actually works for Buzzfeed, though.)