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RE: Release dates - TlatoSMD - 01-22-2014

Sony Pictures! That sounds good! What was the UK distributor for Parnassus again?

RE: Release dates - bruttenholm - 01-22-2014

Lionsgate I think...

RE: Release dates - bruttenholm - 01-22-2014

(01-14-2014, 05:48 PM)cclark Wrote: The yet-to-be released UK trailer looks to be 2:27 in length, while the early trailer leaked last fall is 2:56.
Bits of the new trailer were presented on the BBC yesterday. You can catch it up on the BBC player here (if you like in UK) :

RE: Release dates - cclark - 01-22-2014

(01-22-2014, 03:06 PM)bruttenholm Wrote: Bits of the new trailer were presented on the BBC yesterday. You can catch it up on the BBC player here (if you like in UK) :

Did they mention when the trailer would be released?

RE: Release dates - bruttenholm - 01-23-2014

They didn't say. I bet it would be released pretty soon.
There wasn't really any new scene compared to the unofficial trailer, though. But they were edited differently and the music was different, too.
(by the way if you're outside the uk you can watch it by using the plug-in mediahint on the firefox browser)

RE: Release dates - TlatoSMD - 01-28-2014

No release date for Germany yet, but the photo copyright notice at this review: seems to indicate the national distribution rights are already sold to Concorde, the same German distributor as with Parnassus before.

RE: Release dates - cclark - 02-03-2014

via the official Twitter feed for The Zero Theorem.
Quote:US distributor negotiations still taking place. Sony to distribute to most other worldwide locations.

RE: Release dates - cclark - 03-05-2014

The US date is still not set, but the official ZT website posted more new release dates, including Australia & France. Germany will premiere the film in the fall of this year.

RE: Release dates - bruttenholm - 03-05-2014

The french release was planned for august at first. Glad to see it moved closer.

RE: Release dates - cclark - 03-05-2014

Zero Theorem has finally has US distribution! It'll be open theatrically late summer with home video to follow. Read more in this press release.

Quote:Amplify and Well Go USA Entertainment have teamed up to acquire the U.S. rights to acclaimed director Terry Gilliam’s science-fiction opus, THE ZERO THEOREM. The partners will release the film to theaters across the US in late summer, with a home video release to follow. Amplify will handle theatrical and digital distribution rights, with Well Go USA releasing the film on DVD and Blu-ray.