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Release dates - bruttenholm - 11-12-2013

A tweet from (apparently specialized on box-office analysis or something like that) seems to announce a UK release for the 14th march 2014.

RE: Release dates - Packer - 11-12-2013

We should take that with a grain of salt until we get actual confirmation on that date. I expect a press release from a UK distributor (if ZT has one). A reasonable date though.

RE: Release dates - Donald McKinney - 11-20-2013

Yeah, no-one has said whether it has a UK distributor yet, not even Terry himself.

RE: Release dates - bruttenholm - 11-20-2013

I saw this date in 1 or 2 articles of movie websites, though (empire magazine, for example).

RE: Release dates - cclark - 11-25-2013

IMDB has March 14th for the UK as well. However, Wikipedia still has Dec. 20th for the US, which is either a mistake or another festival date.

RE: Release dates - bruttenholm - 12-16-2013

The film will be released in France on August 27th. That's just been announced.
(maybe to make the most of the free publicity brought by the Python reunion and the soon-to-be Quixote shooting)

RE: Release dates - Donald McKinney - 12-17-2013

The Zero Theorem has been given a 15 in the UK by the BBFC!! Oh, and it's UK distributor is Sony Pictures Releasing!! (Columbia/Tristar) Big Grin

That's good news!!

RE: Release dates - cclark - 01-14-2014

The yet-to-be released UK trailer looks to be 2:27 in length, while the early trailer leaked last fall is 2:56.

RE: Release dates - Donald McKinney - 01-18-2014

I wonder how the new trailer will differ from the 3 minute one??

RE: Release dates - petersio - 01-21-2014

Seriously. When will we find out release dates for the U.S.?