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Full Version: A Camera Called OG! (I have an idea forming in my head)
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I’m working on a special sequence for a friend’s narrative film.
I’ve put together this vhs-c camera rig to shoot analog footage.

I thought it looked a bit Gilliamesque (with a fisheye lens attached) so I’ve called it og after my favourite time bandit.

Good luck to you all.
Finally finished this.
Nice job! It does look Gilliamesque. Please post any footage when you can.
Hi All

Could not figure out how to embed the Vimeo file of the footage and thought it best to take it down anyway as it is a work in the very early stages of wherever this funky process takes me.

For Craig and anyone else who is interested here are some stills from the footage from OG and an easy example of the processed material:


I recaptured the OG footage through an analog video processor then applied some digital processing. This will be the final look for this footage.